Media Release  HEMP Embassy Nov 15 2016


Nimbin’s HEMP Embassy is taking its infamous Obama banner and giant inflatable joint to Canberra for one more trip on whats it’s calling an Obama Appreciation Mission.

“President Obama is a big part of why most Americans who want it can now legally access medical cannabis,” says Embassy president Michael Balderstone. “He’s a hero to us and his quote, ‘of course I inhaled, that was the point’, gave strength and substance to the whole re-legalise movement in America and he will be remembered forever as a leading warrior in beginning the end of the war on drugs.”

“He knew from his own considerable experience that cannabis was an extraordinary herb and that in fact drugs were easily winning the drug war so why continue on and on blindly destroying thousands of innocent lives?”

“We plan on being outside Parliament House in Canberra for their last session of the year on Thursday December 2nd. We’ll invite Derryn Hinch, David Lleyonhelm, Pauline Hansen, the Greens and whoever else talks the talk about ending the war on weed to join us as no doubt we’ll be having our own joint session.”

The ripples from American cannabis law reform reaching Australian shores should be big enough for them to surf! California has just voted to allow anyone over 21 to grow six plants and carry an ounce while here we are still hunted like common criminals.”

“We need some or all of the politicians who promised to support law changes to ask for interim measures which can take us off the polices radar while they work out what to do. The pharmaceutical industry and the police should not be a part of this decision making as they have totally vested interests with both of them afraid of losing a lot of work.”

On the way to Canberra the Big Joint just might have to wave farewell to NCPIC in Sydney who’s funeral is at the end of December as their funding has been discontinued.

For more info contact Nimbin HEMP Embassy 0266890326 and click here for more on the Big Joints adventures.

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