By Published On: January 5, 2017Categories: Cannabis, Media Releases
In the wake of another medical cannabis supplier being raided, HEMP Party president Michael Balderstone said, “The government has overstepped the mark this time on medical cannabis and poked a hornets nest in SA. People are furious about Jenny Hallam’s bust. Not only has the medicine been taken but the police report is deceptive saying they confiscated cannabis and chemicals. There were no chemicals taken.”
The Australian HEMP Party has long asserted the situation is now ridiculous for medical cannabis users with calls on the Governments to agree, discuss and establish interim measures to be put in place while the situation gets sorted.

Mr Balderstone added, “The police raid in South Australia yesterday is the latest in what is now an absolutely ludicrous situation across the country for people using cannabis as a medicine. For the past few years politicians and the media have helped the public to realise cannabis really is a medicine and there is now a huge public demand. But at the same time the police are going harder than ever against cannabis users of all sorts. The government has a plan to licence production, doctors will prescribe and patients collect from the chemist. Hello? It’s pie in the sky nonsense written by their best friends Big Pharma no doubt.”

“And then we must ask why hasn’t any other country willingly done it,”says the HEMP Party Secretary Andrew Kavasilas. “The truth is governments don’t own cannabis, companies do. Enough is enough. We’re proposing comprehensive interim measures which address the needs and concerns of well over 100,000 Australians who are already using cannabis everyday for medical purposes. Critically ill people can’t simply wait another 5, 10, 20 years for trials which may just prove that the currently illegal raw cannabis medicines being used are far superior to the proposed new pharmaceuticalised products”.
Balderstone added, “There’s a huge cannabis culture in Australia which needs to be recognised for what it is…people trying to minimise their suffering…with a plant. Supply has to be dealt with. Make it non profit just as many like Jenny Hallam are being accused of, but lets sort it out at a round table which includes experienced users, policy makers and not just Canberra suits who are thinking money.”
“There is massive employment potential….like 100,000 jobs waiting to happen we estimate. And the health savings will be monumental if people are allowed to grow their own. The government has no idea just how big the health savings will be, but it will be massive.” Mr Balderstone added, ”The government is currently doing Big Pharmas dirty work and the public is fast waking up. It’s simply all about a monopoly on pain relief and the massive profits to be made by controlling that market. People just need to google cannabis and find out for themselves what a huge history this plant has with humanity. A hundred years ago it was in most medicines. It’s only kept illegal so the pharmaceutical industry controls what medicines you are allowed to use. This is a plant anyone can grow in their back yard easily, like parsley. Big Pharmas profits are threatened big time by these ideas.”
“Why now a camera hidden in Nimbin for the fist six months of last year which has resulted in forty people charged with supplying cannabis and now banned from the village and from talking to each other? Police are continually cruising our one street village now hunting anyone supplying cannabis. The community, which for many is a refugee camp from the war on weed, is livid and fed up.”
Heaps more to say if you want! HEMP president Michael Balderstone at the Embassy 0266890326 press one or 0472760236 or secretary Andrew Kavasilas 0427891968