Enough is Enough Rallies Feb-Mar around Oz

By Published On: February 15, 2017Categories: Media Releases

You’re invited to participate in any way you can.

From the couch to the street, there is always something you or a group can do to help end marijuana prohibition.

For the laptop activists there are recent articles to like and share via the HEMP facebook page.

And the Enough is Enough protest rallies are being held in capital cities, on the heels of the Canberra event, for supporters who like to do their protesting in the flesh.

Enough is Enough Rallies

Canberra 10am Tuesday 7 February at Parliament House.

Brisbane 9am Tuesday 14 February at Parliament House.

Perth 10am Thursday 16 February at Supreme Court Gardens.

Sydney 8am Tuesday 21 February at Parliament House.

Melbourne 9am Tuesday 21 February at Parliament of Victoria.

Adelaide 11am Saturday 4 March at River Torrens.

Please check Gail Hester’s list of events on facebook for changes and further information on each Enough is Enough Rally.

They have been organised following the January raid on Jenny Hallam in SA and give protestors an opportunity to express their feelings about prohibition and show support for compassionate healers like Jenny who have been raided and their supplies of medicine confiscated.

For more info contact Gail Hester 0417458944 or Michael Balderstone on 0472760236