Michael’s Canberra Conclusion

By Published On: February 16, 2017Categories: Cannabis, Media Releases

I believe the best thing you can do to help bring about change in the Government’s attitude towards Cannabis use, is to make an appointment with your local Members of Parliament, both State and Federal.

Talk to them about your experience and understanding of Cannabis and its prohibition. How much it costs you, how it helps you and the impact prohibition is having and has had on your life.

And if you are helping someone who is seriously ill, try and take them along. Seeing is believing and politicians have so much reading to do and information to take in, we think personal conversations will have much more impact in educating them.

This is perhaps the best foil against the constant lobbying and small fortune spent by the pharmaceutical industry to try and keep Cannabis out of the public’s hands. Big Pharma really does fear huge profit losses if this herb, that has never killed anyone, escapes into our home gardens.

Michael Balderstone
Nimbin Hemp Embassy
President HEMP Party of Australia