By Published On: April 27, 2017Categories: Cannabis, Media Releases


The tiny one pub village of Nimbin is gearing up for it’s 25th annual MardiGrass on the May 5, 6, 7 weekend. Australia’s biggest gathering of Cannabis users protesting for the re-legalisation of their herbal medicine is expected to be especially passionate this year.

“Australia’s Cannabis users feel ripped off big time,” says Michael Balderstone, smokesperson for the organisers. “Our village has been hammered by the police this year like never before, and it coincides with endless announcements from our politicians telling us at last they agree the plant is medicinal and they’re legalising it.”

“Well, clearly not for us in Nimbin and neither has anything changed for 99% of the country’s users which is seriously unfair. I actually think the hippies and Cannabis users of Australia are owed a giant apology. Trials are underway for epileptic children and some terminal patients but freedom to use this medicine of old is as distant as ever.”

“Everyone now knows carrying and using bulky and smelly Cannabis is the easy bust for police with their saliva testing, sniffer dogs and sophisticated technology. Hunting stoners has dramatically changed the country’s drug culture and it’s no wonder we have an ice problem.”

The 25th MardiGrass begins in a way on Monday in Lismore with a Mayday March from the Lismore Court House in Zadoc Street to local MP Thomas Georges office. Protestors are expected to gather from Midday at the Court house.

“And from then on we’ll be setting up the venue for the big protest weekend,” said Balderstone. “Guest speakers are flying in from Canada and America and every aspect of ‘the plant with a million uses’ will be discussed over and over.”

“The usual highlights are on track, the HEMP Olympix, Hemposium, Kombi Konvoy, 420 Blaze, Pot Art and Poetry, Sunday’s Rally and Parade, four stages, Stoned Chess, Weed Laughs, and so on, but several new events also.”

“The Hillsong SKIP on the big hemp rope to celebrate the end of a NSW Police Commissioners era which showed no understanding of or compassion for drug users. This event promises a gold medal for the last man and woman standing. While other country’s are having success in every way regulating, taxing and legalising Cannabis, here in NSW we’re spending a billion dollars on new jails every year for the next four in this state thanks to our recently departed leaders.”

Tickets and the very full program still growing is on and printed copies are being distributed on the north coast today and tomorrow, look out for one.

For more info phone the HEMP Embassy in Nimbin 0266891842