Nimbin Medican Workshop 5 August

By Published On: July 27, 2017Categories: Events
Nimbin’s HEMP Embassy has organised another of its popular Medical Cannabis Workshops for Saturday August 5 at the Bush Theatre, beside the river on the northern edge of the village. From 11 am until about 4.20 pm and everyone is welcome, as are donations.

“We’re only doing them every few months now,” said President Michael Balderstone. “This is the first one since MardiGrass and we expect a big crowd. Word of mouth and the Government telling people it’s now legal has caused an explosion of interest in the last year,” he says.

“The ridiculous hoops the state and federal governments are asking doctors to jump through are stopping it happening legally on any scale but that doesn’t stop people seeking it out on the black market.”

“It’s tragic the authorities can’t see their way to calling some sort of amnesty on genuine medical cannabis suppliers who are risking so much every day now across the country. The evidence is overwhelming but still Big Pharma, who runs the show, insist on pot doing their double blind placebo trials. Anything to hold it back. Epileptic children on placebos is about as sick as it gets, with every seizure doing brain damage.”

Special guest this time is Carol Ireland, CEO of Epilepsy Action Australia and a member of the Federal Governments Medical Cannabis Advisory Council. We also hope to have a panel of parents of epileptic children using Cannabis though understand their fear in coming forward.

Other speakers include Dr Deb Waldren on healing with Cannabis; Michael Stoopman and CBD Luke on his extraordinary tumour healing; Zane Archer on the importance of nutrition also; Andrew Kavasilas on the latest from the govt’s dilemma; Toney Fitzgerald on treating his cancer; Weeded Warriors on PTSD; Radic Al on how to make it. MC Michael Balderstone. We also expect Australian pioneers in treating epilepsy with cannabis, Dr Andrew Katelaris and Tony Bower from Mullaways to come as well so it will be a big day. Anyone who wishes to talk and share their experience please come along or contact the HEMP Embassy….ph 0266891842 email