By Published On: January 12, 2018Categories: Cannabis, Media Releases

MEDIA RELEASE from Nimbin HEMP Embassy

Dr Pot has been to virtually every past MEDICAN Workshop but will not be here this time as he is in jail. However, several other doctors will be, and so will some expert medicine makers from America. Three Aussies who have spent years in California learning the art of extracting the medicinal oil from the Cannabis plant will demonstrate (with legal herbs) and talk about their experiences in the legal medical Cannabis world of North America over both days this coming weekend. Everyone who is keenly interested in this subject is urged to attend as it’s a rare opportunity for first hand conversation on a new science that is fast changing the face of health in some American states.

“I am totally confident that if they re-legalise Cannabis there will be massive health savings in the future. Especially if they allow people to grow their own medicine, “says MC Michael Balderstone, President of the Embassy and Australian HEMP Party.

Also speaking on Saturday is Dr Deb Waldren from Queensland and Dr Teresa Towpik author of a new book, “Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis…An Easy Guide for Doctors and Patients”. CBD Luke is a special guest to fill us in on the latest from that realm and Steve Bolt is returning by popular demand with legal advice on using medical Cannabis in today’s uncertain climate.

The doctors and medicine makers will be there again on Sunday and joined by Rayman who will talk about the extraordinary healing power of juicing with raw cannabis. Radic Al will be there both days as will Andrew Kavasilas to fill us in on the latest from the Government on how they are working out their embarrassment at criminalising us for so long. Hopefully!

“California’s full legalisation on New Years day has the pot community buzzing,” says Michael. “Optimism is in the air despite Mr Hunt keeping on telling us medical cannabis is now legal here. It’s not really. That’s just technical political bullshit. It’s legal for the very few who get specialist approval and have a terminal illness and can find a doctor to support them. There are a lot of very difficult hoops to jump through and few have managed to do it.”

Makers or users of medical cannabis who wish to share their stories are welcome to speak at the Workshop. Just turn up or email

Dr Pot, Andrew Katelaris, is in jail and might be for the next year or so. He was arrested on December 5 and refused bail because in the past he had refused to not continue helping people with Cannabis, especially epileptic children. He has numerous Cannabis charges after exposing his life on a television program. His court hearing is set down for November 5 and he has a bail hearing on January 24 which may save him from the long wait.

Over decades he has been helping countless people stay alive and minimise their suffering. Andrew has been to pretty much every MardiGrass in 25 years and every Medican Workshop in Nimbin. He makes himself available to whoever, whenever.

He rarely has any money. That’s not his thing at all. You can donate to his legal help fund or contact the HEMP Embassy in Nimbin.