Medican weekend will be held a few days after Canada officially re-legalises Cannabis next week on October 18th. HEMP Embassy President Michael Balderstone says some Embassy members have just returned from Vancouver and will be speaking about the changes.

“It sounds good but in fact is upsetting a lot of people over there with strict new regulations and increased penalties for anyone breaking the rules. And now the big debate is about drug driver testing which has not been an issue before. We naively thought regulations would be fair and just but they’re being made by straights who’ve never had a toke in their life!”

Meanwhile in Australia enquiries continue to grow about using Cannabis as medicine and the pressure is now on politicians to keep up with the publics change of heart on this herb that has never killed anyone, ever. Everyone is welcome to this weekend where all your questions can be answered by people with decades of experience.

We welcome back to this Medican Australia’s Dr Pot, Dr Andrew Katelaris, who will be speaking again after spending another four months in jail. He’s urging people who can to come and support him in Sydney when he will be in the Downing Centre District Court in a few weeks. The charges are production and supply of a large commercial quantity of cannabis and if convicted the maximum sentence is life imprisonment.

However, Dr Katelaris intends to run “the first successful medical necessity defence to be heard in the penal colony of NSW.”

Most medical cannabis activists who are arrested enter a plea of guilty with extenuating circumstances and often receive a mild penalty, but this provides no impetus for law change.

The battle lines on medical cannabis are now clearly drawn he believes.  The government intends to replace a legal prohibition with a medical prohibition, where are a small number of selected practitioners act as gate keepers, providing medical cannabis to those with intractable illnesses only after all allopathic treatments have been tried.  Further, the TGA approved medicine costs more than the current black market price.  In an act of malice directed at the most vulnerable group in our society the police are giving no exemptions for medically prescribed cannabis when detected by roadside testing.

On November 5th, he would appreciate a show of public support, with as many people as possible attending the court to send a clear message to this government that it is totally unacceptable to play politics with people’s lives and put pharmaceutical profits before health and well being.

Also speaking at the workshop is Dr Deb Waldron from Queensland who has been researching the medicinal properties of Cannabis for more than thirty years and is now studying herbalism.

Malcolm Lee, a healer who has had a similar time studying the healing benefits of pot and has some extraordinary tales to tell.

Lawyer Steve Bolt will speak on Saturday only, about saliva testing drivers and the legal situation medical cannabis users find themselves in.

CBD Luke will be talking on Sunday only, about isolates versus whole plant extraction, clinical trials and the recent documentary movies about medical cannabis he has been involved in.

Radic Al who grew up in a herbalists household will demonstrate herbal extraction methods.

Rayman who saved her life with raw Cannabis juice and Simmo will demonstrate hemp seed oil extraction and speak of it’s extraordinary health benefits.

Not to be confused with Dr Pot, Andrew Kavasilas will be talking at the Medican each day about ongoing lobbying and advocacy in the face of the incredible push back and double speak by politicians and public servants. As well as an update from a recent meeting in the Victorian Parliament where high profile activists are seeking to address numerous State, Federal and international impediments to medical Cannabis worldwide, including saliva drug testing in Australia. Andrew will also speak about his new company Cann Global Limited and it’s endeavours as a leading Hemp seed food and medical Cannabis company. He stands by the fact that “no government in the world has willingly introduced a meaningful medical Cannabis regime”.

There will be medical Cannabis users telling their stories at the weekend and we expect local Green political candidate Sue Higginson will drop in on Saturday. We may even have a guest appearance from local social commentator, comedian and legendary HEMP Olympix official, S Sorrensen. And to top it all The Hemp Club will be displaying and modelling handwoven hemp clothing you cannot find anywhere else on Earth.

All speakers except Steve and Luke will be there on both days and talks start at 11am and aim to finish by 4.20pm, at the Bush Theatre by Mulgum Creek in the old butter factory on the north side of Nimbin. Everyone is welcome, donations greatly appreciated. Excellent food will be available at the on site Phoenix Rising Cafe.

Anyone using medical cannabis who would like to tell their story on the day should contact the HEMP Embassy…. phone 02 66891842 or email or talk to Michael on the day.

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