The Nimbin Hemp Embassy hits the ground running in 2019 with another of their popular Medican Workshops on the weekend of January 19 and 20.

Special Guest Leah Bisiani (MHlthSc/DipBus/RN1/Dementia Consultant/Learning & Advisory) will be a key speaker. Leah has 35 years experience within aged-dementia care establishing a highly skilled knowledge basis as a global leader in this field.

Embassy president Michael Balderstone says, “We are thrilled Leah is coming to Nimbin for the weekend and it’s a rare opportunity for everyone on the North Coast to get some real insight into medical cannabis’s amazing properties, especially for those of us getting older.”

Leah’s primary vision has been focused on changing negative culture and philosophies on care associated with people living with dementia providing a voice that confronts current practice and advocated their rights.

Her pioneering revelations have enabled people living with dementia to attain enriched lifestyles based on recognition of personhood and maintenance of self through valuing individual preference and choice.

Additionally, and as a separate interest, she advocates the promising therapeutic attributes of medicinal cannabis for the treatment of chronic intractable pain in the older population.

In recent years she has become a popular and prominent speaker here and overseas at medical cannabis conferences and symposiums.

“Potent opioid analgesics are widely prescribed within the aged care sector in Australia,” she says, “yet these agents are associated with the highest degree of drug related harm.”

Dr Andrew Katelaris is coming again to the Medican workshop to tell us first hand about his recent jury victory where he was found not guilty for helping epileptic children with medicinal cannabis.

Regular healer and live wire speaker Dr Deb Waldron is coming again as well as other healers and people using mc for various ailments. Radic Al will be doing herbal extraction classes and The Hemp Club will be doing demonstrations of hempseed oil extraction.

Lawyer Steve Bolt will be speaking on the cannabis laws and answering your questions on drug driving for example. “We cannot introduce any decent medical cannabis program with our current drug driving hysteria, and it’s an important conversation” says Michael.

Andrew Kavasilas will be talking on the latest from the frustrated front line of political change where big pharma lobbyists still seem to get the final say.

There will be medical Cannabis users telling their stories, and we expect local Green political candidate Sue Higginson will drop in on Saturday. We even have a guest appearance from local social commentator, comedian and legendary HEMP Olympix official, S Sorrensen. And to top it all, The Hemp Club will be displaying and modelling handwoven hemp clothing you cannot find anywhere else on Earth!

Invite your friends, and come along yourself, on Saturday and Sunday, 19 and 20 January, from 11am each day. Talks aim to finish by 4.20pm. Venue is the Bush Theatre by Mulgum Creek in the old butter factory on the north side of Nimbin. Excellent food will be available at the on site Bush Theatre Cafe. Everyone is welcome, donations greatly appreciated.

Anyone using medical cannabis who would like to tell their story on the day should contact the HEMP Embassy…. phone 02 66891842 or email or talk to Michael on the day.

For more information phone 02 66891842 or email 

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