Embassy HEADLINES Issue 348
Embassy HEADLINES Issue 348

Embassy HEADLINES Issue 348


‘Medicine Man’ Escapes Prison Time for Serious Drug Charges [Sydney Criminal Lawyers]

Veteran medicinal cannabis producer Tony Bower escaped prison time when he was sentenced for commercial drug cultivation, along with other serious drug offences, at Port Macquarie District Court last Monday.

Elderly people breaking the law to use medicinal cannabis for the aches and pains of ageing [ABC]

Leah Bisiani, a registered nurse who specialises in the care of elderly people in nursing homes, has become an advocate for more research into medicinal cannabis products as an alternative pain relief treatment for patients in aged care.

‘The sky did not fall’: Vermont’s advice to ACT on legalising cannabis [The Sydney Morning Herald]

Police in Vermont have warned the ACT to address issues around drug-driving in its bid to legalise cannabis, as the Australian capital looks to use the same model of legalisation as the US state.

Police Should Test for Impairment Levels of Drugs, Not Minute Traces [Sydney Criminal Lawyers]

On the first weekend of this month, NSW police carried out a roadside alcohol and drug driving blitz in the Northern Rivers region. And while locals aren’t complaining about officers booking drunk drivers, they are opposed to those charged with drug driving as there’s no proof they were impaired.

Australian Researchers Find CBD Curbs Methamphetamine Addiction in Rats [Weedmaps]

Out of a combined effort by the Lambert Initiative and two universities in Australia — Macquarie University and the University of Sydney — comes an animal study that isolates CBD as a promising treatment for addiction to methamphetamine. In recent years, a number of studies have shown emerging evidence of the potential therapeutic effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD) in treating a variety of addictions such as heroin, cocaine, and alcohol, to mental disorders such as schizophrenia to the psychoses and anxiety that can accompany addiction.

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