Embassy HEADLINES Issue 349
Embassy HEADLINES Issue 349

Embassy HEADLINES Issue 349


The NSW Greens Will Commit To Erasing Criminal Convictions For Cannabis Possession [Pedestrian]

There have been over 25,000 recorded criminal incidents involving cannabis possession in NSW in the last two years, and Greens MLC David Shoebridge says these convictions create an unjust stigma.

ACT minister who brought in cannabis notices says they should be axed [The Sydney Morning Herald]

A former politician who helped to decriminalise cannabis in the ACT says the fine scheme he helped to introduce should go, and he would have legalised the drug nearly 30 years ago if he could have.

Mildura set for $130 million cannabis greenhouse [Sunraysia Daily]

A state-of-the-art $130 million greenhouse will be built in Sunraysia to cultivate up to 50,000 kilograms of medical cannabis per year.

Can medicinal cannabis treat the tics in Tourette syndrome? [EurekAlert!]

A pioneering clinical trial investigating medicinal cannabis as a potential treatment for people living with severe Tourette syndrome will be conducted by Wesley Medical Research, in Brisbane in Australia, with cannabis supply facilitated by Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at University of Sydney.

NSW police nets almost $13 million in seven months for hiring out off-duty officers [SBS]

Weeks after multiple NSW music festivals were cancelled, citing the prohibitive costs of additional police services, SBS News can reveal the revenue received by NSW Police Force for “user pays” policing has increased significantly over the past decade.

The ‘war on drugs’ failed so where to now? Time to have your say [EchoNet Daily]

The impact of the drug ‘ice’ on local communities has been significant with the police, communities and the health services looking for ways to combat the impact of the drug. Recognising the seriousness of the effects of the drugs across the community a Special Commission of Inquiry into the drug ‘ice’ and other amphetamine stimulants such as MDMA is starting today. Submissions are open until Tuesday May 7, 2019. For more information, to access the issues papers and to view the first directions hearing of the Commission today via webcast.

Ever Wondered What’s In a Pre-Roll? [Weed News]

Even if it’s not everyone’s favorite way to use cannabis, most people can appreciate the convenience of a well-rolled joint. Back when cannabis culture was still in its infancy the joint was the go-to method of consumption, and to this day it holds a special place in people’s hearts. It’s cheap, easy to use and even easier to dispose of. It’s perfect for a smoking circle with your friends as it’s not as bulky as a bong and doesn’t need to get repacked every few hits like a pipe. And unlike an edible, it won’t ask for your commitment to stay high for half a day or longer.

Can LSD and magic mushrooms help win wars? This Marine officer says ‘yes’ [Military Culture]

Recent scientific studies approved by the Food and Drug Administration have yielded positive cognitive results when administering “microdoses” of the drugs lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, and psilocybin, the alkaloid in hallucinogenic mushrooms. But could this new wave of unorthodox treatment ever find its way into the ranks of the military? According to an article by Marine Maj. Emre Albayrak that was published in the February issue of the Marine Corps Gazette, it certainly should.

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