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By Published On: September 12, 2019Categories: Cannabis


MedCan 2020: New Zealand set to have its first medicinal cannabis summit [Stuff]

The summit, called MedCan 2020, is open to everyone and people will learn about medicinal cannabis from local and international health professionals, academics, researchers and patients.

Roadside drug tests for cannabis return false results, research finds [ABC]

A study of roadside drug testing devices widely used by police in Australia has called into question their reliability for detecting cannabis. “What we found was that these test results often came back positive when they should have been negative, or conversely that they came back negative when they should have actually been positive,” said Thomas Arkell, a PhD student at the University of Sydney.

Mobile cannabis tests on drivers gave inaccurate results, researchers say [The Sydney Morning Herald]

Senior author of the study Iain McGregor said the devices were “wildly inaccurate” in many ways, and called for a review into the “current approach” of roadside drug testing. “The nature of the devices … they’re designed to give you a yes or no answer to the question, quite unlike RBT with alcohol where you get a figure,” he said.

Canberra Has Turned Its Back on Medicinal Cannabis Patients [Sydney Criminal Lawyers]

“Barnaby’s withdrawal of support could reflect the widespread lobbying of Big Pharma,” Ms Haslam hypothesised, adding that she’s “fairly certain” it is behind a drop in support from the Coalition for Australian patient access, which contrasts with a rise in support for the nation’s export market.

From mining bauxite in Queensland to growing medical marijuana [Yahoo! Finance]

The Australian Securities Exchange has rarely seen a transformation as complete as Cann Global’s — the mining turned medical marijuana and hemp company that re-listed in August.

Call to legalise cannabis for NT adults [Mercury]

Cannabis will be legal for all adults in the NT to use — with Territory cafes also permitted to sell joints and brownies to customers, if the NT Government backs a proposal from the Medical Cannabis Users Association of NT.


The Hypocrisy of Cannabis Prohibition Advocates’ Taxpayer Funding [Leafly]

The New York Chapter of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), the prohibitionist organization led by Kevin Sabet, has submitted a request “to keep its funding sources confidential. As justification, the group cited fears that its donors would be harassed. Yet the organization’s attempt to avoid transparency is ironic, when SAM has just announced its intention to release a report on industry donations to the marijuana legalization movement. And my research indicates that SAM has received funding from “faceless, deep-pocketed” government sources with vested interests in propping up the system of prohibition that is failing at every level.

Illinois Community College Offering Certificate Course in Cannabis [Ganjapreneur]

Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois has launched a cannabis certificate course focusing on the plant’s molecular biology, drug laws, the treatment of terminal illnesses, and other knowledge helpful for finding cannabis industry employment.

Not so fast: CDC isn’t ready to blame illicit ‘street vapes’ for illnesses [Reuters]

U.S. health investigators are casting a wide net to understand what is sickening hundreds of vapers across the country and still have not ruled out any product on the market, even as vaping industry officials highlight the potential role of illegal cannabis products.

Report: Hemp Production Quadruples from 2018 [Ganjapreneur]

Hemp production in the U.S. has quadrupled since last year, according to Vote Hemp’s 2019 License Report, which estimates 230,000 acres of hemp will be planted this year. The group says that 50 percent to 60 percent of that acreage will be harvested, resulting in 115,000 to 138,000 acres of harvested hemp.


Mexico Wants to Decriminalize All Drugs and Negotiate With the U.S. to Do the Same [Newsweek]

“The ‘war on drugs’ has escalated the public health problem posed by currently banned substances to a public safety crisis,” the policy proposal, which came as part of AMLO’s National Development Plan for 2019-2024, read. Mexico’s current “prohibitionist strategy is unsustainable,” it argued.

Lesotho, Africa’s medical cannabis pioneer [Capital News]

In 2017, the tiny landlocked kingdom of 2.1 million people decided to tap into the booming medical marijuana industry, becoming the first country in Africa to allow the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

270 patients undergo medical cannabis treatment supplied by Canopy Growth [RTL Today]

As of yet, the cannabis supply in Luxembourg is rather limited and doctors have been asked not to put any more patients on the drug. Canopy Growth, a business first launched five years ago, has not only set up shop in Germany, but is also the first cannabis producer to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company reports an annual revenue of 80 million Canadian dollars.

Lawmaker to Propose Bill Legalizing Hemp Cultivation in Myanmar [The Irrawaddy]

A lawmaker will submit to the Lower House of Myanmar’s national legislature a proposal to amend the country’s antinarcotics law to allow the legal cultivation of hemp, which is treated as marijuana under existing laws.

Cannabis Reform That Netanyahu Promised Unlikely to Take Effect [Haaretz]

Health Ministry sources cast doubt over prospects of legislation promised by the Israeli prime minister, calling it de facto total legalization of cannabis via the medical system.

Thailand Includes Low Level Cannabis And Hemp Extracts On Its Approved Medical Marijuana list [Forbes]

To promote the development of medical marijuana products, U.N. member state Thailand has removed low-level cannabis and hemp extracts from its banned narcotic substances list, according to officials. Hemp seed and oil derivatives will be allowed.


Online Cannabis Sales Are About To Flourish With The Rise Of Cannabis Marketplaces [Forbes]

Cannabis retail can and must move online. When the Hemp Farming Act was passed last year, demand for CBD products began to skyrocket, and companies en masse turned to the web to help them capture the growing market. CBD is now legal to buy in all 50 states, and according to Marijuana Business Magazine, the vast majority of hemp-based CBD products are sold online.

Major sales increase for medicinal cannabis group [Business News Australia]

Australian medicinal cannabis company Bod (ASX: BDA) has seen sales of its MediCabilis product soar during August. The company dispensed 329 MediCabilis prescriptions in August, representing an increase of 95 per cent from July 2019 when prescriptions totalled 169. The company says the prescription uptake is being driven by its partners at Burleigh Heads Cannabis and its partner company Cannabis Doctors Australia.

Australia’s first hemp water launches new flavour [Anthill]

This month, Natalie has released Restore, a natural raspberry and coconut flavour. Similar to Hydrate, which has natural nutty and citrus flavour, Restore will be rich in omega-3 and omega-6, and contain antioxidants, amino acids and Gamma Linolenic Acid. It will be formulated with all-natural ingredients including raspberry and coconut natural flavour, natural colour for the vibrant rose shade, organic Australian hemp seed oil and natural emulsifiers. The natural emulsifiers enable the hemp oil to mix with the reverse-osmosis filtered water in the drink.

MediPharm Labs Enters into Agreements with Australian Licensed Producer [Nasdaq]

Under the terms of the manufacturing agreement with the Licensed Producer, MediPharm Labs Australia will purchase dried flower from the Licensed Producer and sell high quality, private-label cannabis oil and manufactured products. The agreement has a 12-month term with options to extend.

What the Johnson & Johnson Opioid Ruling Means for the Cannabis Industry [The Motley Fool]

Companies are likely to start taking opioids more seriously and look into alternative treatment options. One industry where healthcare companies may start to focus on is cannabis. Colorado, New York, and Illinois already allow doctors to recommend cannabis in place of opioids.


Vape Pen Lung Disease: Here’s What You Need to Know [Leafly]

As of Tuesday, Sept. 10, the CDC has reported up to 450 cases in 33 states of severe acute respiratory distress syndrome possibly associated with a recently inhaled drug aerosol (commonly known as vaping). As many as six patients may have died from the condition. The deaths occurred in Illinois, Oregon, Indiana, California, Minnesota, and Kansas. Here’s what you need to know.

Can cannabis help ease addiction? [Nature]

Pharmacologist Yasmin Hurd sees promise in the cannabis-derived chemical cannabidiol for mitigating opioid dependence.

Study: Cannabis Use Associated with Fewer Complications in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis [Norml]

A history of cannabis use is associated with fewer complications among patients hospitalized for ulcerative colitis (UC), according to data published in the journal Medicine.

Study: CBD helps Parkinson’s patients with mood, sleep [Anschutz Today]

Professor wants to assist others in navigating the cannabis research path.

Harvard Study Say Cannabis May Help Fight Pancreatic Cancer [The Telegraph]

Flavonoids are shown to treat a type of cancer that has a very low survival rate.