By Published On: April 19, 2020Categories: Cannabis, Media Releases

PRESS RELEASE: April 19 2020. From the Australian HEMP Party and Nimbin HEMP Embassy


“It’s a time of change and Cannabis and isolation are old friends”, says Michael Balderstone, president of the Australian HEMP Party and Nimbin’s HEMP Embassy.  
“This is an ideal time to take a fresh look at Cannabis law reform with the current pandemic making it very relevant to many people across the country. If ten percent of Australians use Cannabis regularly as is quoted, though who really knows, that’s 2.5 million people. It could easily be more.”
“Maintaining Cannabis supply across America and Canada has been deemed essential during the pandemic, along with other foods and medicines, and sales are understandably booming over there.”
“Cannabis is a perfect medicine for chilling out at home as many of us know. Alcohol sales are through the roof but Cannabis will keep life much more peaceful for many who may well turn to booze if they can’t access their usual relaxant.”
“Health is the number one priority for Australian’s at the moment and we know pot would be extremely helpful in both CBD and THC varieties. CBD, or Cannabidiol, clearly helps many people with anxiety and stress and is now available over the counter in the UK, why not here?”
“Cannabis is nothing like any of the other drugs it is constantly lumped in with. Everything else is either processed or chemical, while pot is a dried natural herb. A gift from God, Scomo!”
“Isn’t it time for an amnesty on personal Cannabis use during the pandemic? It’s overdue for Australians to be allowed to grow and possess their own Cannabis anyway, so why not start now?”
“And how about the “expert” committee that decides this includes people who have actual experience! Imagine the alcohol rules are made by teetotallers, that’s how Cannabis is currently treated.”
“Monday April 20 2020 is a special day being celebrated around the globe as a kind of Thanksgiving Day for Cannabis, probably the most useful plant on the planet. Only prohibited so others could profit from its exclusion from various industries.”
With lockdowns across the planet, the web will be full of 420 live broadcasts tomorrow, including one that started in the Nimbin H*E*M*P Bar exactly 20 years ago to the day!  For more details of what is happening on “FOUR 20 Day” visit www.VirtualFOUR20.com 
Plans are also afoot for virtualmardigrass.com to brightens peoples first weekend in May. If you want to be in the Pot Poetry or HEMP Olympix events etc do get in touch. 
Further info…Michael at home 0266897525 or email head@hempembassy.net (If you don’t know about 420 weed day worth googling it as it’s here to stay!)