Make a submission: Inquiry into the use of Cannabis in Victoria

By Published On: May 21, 2020Categories: Cannabis, Media Releases

Monday 18th of May, 2020

Cannabis Inquiry — submissions now open

The Legislative Council’s Legal and Social Issues Committee is inviting public submissions for its new inquiry into the use of cannabis in Victoria. As Committee Chair, I look forward to starting working on this.

The broad-ranging inquiry will examine access to and use of cannabis in Victoria, including ways to prevent children and young people accessing and using cannabis.

The Committee wants to hear from community members about the current restrictions on the use of cannabis in Victoria and whether these are appropriate.

We’re interested in hearing people’s views on whether use of cannabis should remain legal for medical treatment only or whether current restrictions on use of cannabis should be changed.

An online submission form is available on the Committee’s website to make it easy for people to submit their views, and submissions can also be sent in by mail.

Under the inquiry’s terms of reference, the Committee will consider health education campaigns and programs that could be implemented to ensure young people are properly educated on the harms of cannabis use and drug use more broadly.

The Committee will examine models from international jurisdictions that have been successful in promoting public health and protecting public safety, including prevention of criminal activity, in relation to cannabis use.

We are not alone in considering the impacts of cannabis on people who use it, and on their families and carers. It will be important for us to examine how these issues are being tackled in other countries so that we can learn from their experiences.

At the same time, it’s crucial that our own community members have the opportunity to get involved with this conversation. That’s why I would encourage everyone with an interest in these issues to make a submission.

Public submissions are welcome until 31 August 2020.

Fiona Patten MP
Leader of Reason
Member for Northern Metropolitan Region