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How Australians Are Accessing Medical Cannabis

A recently released survey report states just 3.9% of Australians who used cannabis for medical purposes obtained it by prescription.

Shh. Australia is growing a medical cannabis crop… and it’s a secret

A trial crop of outdoor medicinal cannabis is growing in a secret location northwest of Victoria, Australia. If the outdoor trial proves successful, though, it could lead to a more cost-effective approach for growing the medicine, ABC Australia reports.

A Growing Number of Australians Support Cannabis Legalisation

According to a recently published national survey, a growing proportion of Australians support the legalisation of recreational cannabis.

Voices from the Real World – Medical Cannabis Testimonials

As the struggle over medical cannabis intensifies and patients find themselves increasingly on the periphery of a debate in which their role should be central, we reproduce – with thanks – a selection of anonymous testimonials from individuals using cannabis medicines throughout Australia between late 2015 and 2020. The collection continues to grow . . . Got any true life mediweed stories of your own? If you’d like to include your personal experience among these important voices, please email info@hempembassy.net  We’d love to hear from you!


Kanye West Promises Free And Legal Marijuana As President

“Every black man on trial for marijuana will be freed.”

Legal cannabis sales in Colorado reach all-time high in May

Cannabis sales in Colorado set a new monthly record in May, reaching their highest level since broad legalization in 2014. Dispensaries sold over $192 million worth of cannabis products that month.

California Cannabis Arrests Predominately Target Black and Latinx People

While felony cannabis arrests have dropped in California since legalization took effect, the troubling trend of enforcement being prioritized against minority communities has continued.

Trump can save the economy from a coronavirus recession — if he legalizes marijuana

Follow the lead of Colorado and pour back the millions made by selling cannabis into the Department of Education and substance abuse programs.

Cannabis store launches fundraising initiative to support Canadian military members

The staff at Crossroads Cannabis in Stratford will wear red and the business will donate one dollar from every sale on Fridays this year to the Support Our Troops Fund, which helps current and former members of the military and their families through programming and financial support.

Cannabis Canada: More than 1,000 legal pot shops open in Canada right now

There are also nearly 500 cannabis stores in Ontario waiting to be fully licensed by provincial regulators, with several industry observers expecting those stores to open as late as next year due to a backlog of authorization requests. 


Prague installs cannabis-dispensing vending machines

Unfortunately for cannabis-loving Czechs, there’s a catch. The products with which the machines are stocked contain negligible levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and are instead purchased for their high levels of cannabidiol (CBD).

EIHA blasts European agency for considering labeling CBD a narcotic

The European Industrial Hemp Association says the European Commission’s decision to halt “Novel Food” applications as it considers labeling CBD a narcotic “stands against any logic and is nothing but unfair.”

Thai Public Health Ministry signs MOU on medical cannabis project

Mr Watcharapong Kuwijitsuwan, a Secretary to the Minister of Public Health, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the research, development, and promotion of cannabis production and processing for medical purposes.

The World Health Organization [WHO] Says Reschedule Cannabis: Will The UN Agree?

In January 2019, the WHO expressly recommended that cannabis be rescheduled and also provided clarity to its treatment of cannabinoids, like CBD. While the UN has delayed taking action on the recommendation, it begs the question of whether or not we’re on the verge of global cannabis policy reform.

Netherlands clarifies application process to grow adult-use cannabis

The process is part of an experiment in the Netherlands to legalize for the first time – though it’s limited in scope and time – the production of marijuana destined to be sold in coffee shops. (Basic information about the application process can be found here.)

Argentina To Allow Cannabis Sales In Pharmacies And Home Cultivation

The measure will also guarantee access to medical cannabis to all patients free of charge, regardless of their health coverage, reported local news site Infobae.

Ecuador Legalises Medical Cannabis and Hemp Cultivation with 1% THC Limit

Under the new legislation, hemp will be placed controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. The Ministry is expected to set out regulations and guidelines for the cultivation of hemp within 120 days of the law’s enactment at the end of June.


What’s the Deal with Synthetic Cannabinoids?

We’re told all the time to fear synthetic cannabinoids, and to stay away from products that might use them. But are they really that dangerous? And aren’t most approved medical cannabis treatments still made from them?

Cannabis can both help and hinder memory. How it affects you might come down to inequality

The idea that cannabis impairs memory has been around so long it’s almost accepted as fact. But science is coming to a more nuanced understanding.

More Potent Than CBD, THC: Dr. Raphael Mechoulam Explains His Latest Discovery

The compound in question – cannabidiolic acid methyl ester (EPM301) – was presented to the world in partnership with EPM, a global biotechnology company based in the U.S. that aims to bridge the gap between the cannabis and pharmaceutical industries.

Study Suggests More Chronic Pain Patients Are Turning to Cannabis

New data from the journal of Advances in Therapy shows that more people now than in the past are using cannabis to treat and cope with chronic pain—and that those who are using it as treatment report favorable results.  The study, which came from Harvard Medical School, looked at cannabis use trends in pain patients starting in 2011 and ending in 2015

Suffer from chronic pain? Medicinal cannabis could be the answer

The good news is Aussie researchers may have found a solution — and no, it doesn’t involve loading up on large doses of drugs. A new study has found medicinal cannabis can safely provide much-needed physical and mental relief to patients who rely on large doses of drugs, such as morphine, to manage severe pain.

Dry Farming Techniques Combat Drought and Make More Potent Cannabis Buds

The practice is common in places where drought is frequent and has even been adapted to successfully cultivate cannabis.

CBD For Coronavirus? New Study Adds Evidence For Cannabis As Covid-19 Treatment

While researchers are exploring many different possibilities in combating COVID-19, some researchers are looking into whether cannabis or cannabis derived CBD might offer benefits for those suffering from severe forms of this infection.


Cannabis Tax Revenues Are Going to Police Budgets, Not Communities

When Californian voters legalized cannabis in 2016, they expected the taxes would be invested in communities that were adversely impacted by the war on drugs. Instead, a new report finds that these revenues are actually funding the police.

Congress Approves CBD Use For Military Members

A longstanding zero-tolerance marijuana policy could be slowly eroding in the military. Earlier this month, a House committee approved a provision that would let troops who previously used cannabis to re-enlist. This week, Congress passed an amendment to allow service members the use of hemp and CBD products.

Charlotte’s Web unveils 76-acre farm art installation in effort to encourage consumers to fight for CBD access

FDA sets out guidelines on cannabis derived drugs

The guidelines cover both drugs and treatments that contain cannabis oil and other compounds found in the plant. These guidelines include references for calculating weight for oral dosages and what online resources to use for clinical trials.

The verdict: Canada’s legalization of cannabis is a success

Transform has been monitoring Canadian reform efforts for some time, and advised the Canadian government and some provinces on how to develop regulations prior to legalization. Its positive views of Canada’s initiatives is a significant contribution in assessing our journey away from criminalization of simple possession and use of recreational drugs.


The Hype About CBD Coffee, Explained

While coffee can feel like magical get-stuff-done juice, too much of a good thing can leave you jittery, anxious, and seriously over-caffeinated. Enter CBD.

Clint Eastwood Sues Over Phony CBD Endorsements

The director filed two federal lawsuits on Wednesday, alleging that his name has been illegally used to sell oils, gummies, and other products containing cannabidiol — a compound derived from hemp and marijuana.

How Disney and other theme parks handle medical marijuana and CBD

Medical cannabis and CBD therapeutics are considered prohibited contraband at all theme parks, hotels, and shopping areas on Disney properties. Meanwhile, almost every other kind of medical drug is allowed inside. Alcohol is sold openly at Disney properties and at rival operations. In fact, there’s an entire website devoted to drinking alcohol at American theme parks.

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