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Nimbin HEMP Embassy Opens Online Store

Nimbin’s HEMP Embassy has used the COVID lockdown time to create an online store

Make a submission: Inquiry into the use of Cannabis in Victoria

Your submission is valuable to the Inquiry into the use of Cannabis in Victoria and to the Parliament. The deadline is approaching with submissions due to close on 31 August 2020. Complete this online form to make your voice heard: https://parliament.vic.gov.au/lsic-lc/article/4261

Why Home-Growing is Fundamental to a Legal Cannabis Model


2020 Australian Cannabis Awards

Nominations have closed, and now the voting is on! Voting closes 31 August! Here’s a link to the 2019 winners.

Aussies choose Cannabis as drug of choice (after alcohol) during pandemic

According to an article on Crikey, Self-reported cannabis usage has risen during COVID-19 lockdown, while medical cannabis approvals are at an all-time high, soaring by nearly 40 per cent since the government’s telehealth initiative was introduced in April.

Green light for manufacture at MediPharm Wonthaggi

Australian patients drown in debt while medical cannabis becomes free internationally

International, governments are subsidising the cost of medicinal cannabis – as Australian patients are left to fend for themselves.

Mystery seeds arrive at Australian addresses from Asia, prompting fears of biosecurity risk

If these seeds are a mystery to Australian Biosecurity, they’re not qualified for the job . . . or are they just careless when it comes to providing information to the media? [Ed.]

Authorities say 36 packets of unidentified, unsolicited seeds have arrived in Australia recently. (Supplied: Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment)


Canadian recreational marijuana sales reach record CA$201 million in June

Canadian retail sales of adult-use cannabis crested yet again in June, increasing 7.9% over the record set in May.

Canadian student athletes will no longer be tested for cannabis

“The CCES has long advocated for the removal of cannabis from the WADA Prohibited List, and the legalization of cannabis in Canada reflects a shifting societal view of how to manage cannabis education and harm reduction”.

Cannabis stores tend to target California’s minority populations

The research shows that “ in California are disproportionately exposed to unlicensed cannabis retailers”.

California wildfires claim several marijuana farms, threatening growers with financial losses

The series of wildfires ravaging Northern California have inflicted major damage on several marijuana farms, with possibly more outdoor grow operations threatened in the region.

U.S. Senator Wants To Legalize Cannabis And Regulate It Like Tobacco

A new bill filed by Sen. Tina Smith of Minnesota would end marijuana prohibition, which she called a failed policy that leads to racist over policing.

Medical Cannabis Testing Lab In Oklahoma Under Investigation

The regulatory agency charged with overseeing Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program has opened an investigation into a cannabis testing lab in the state over allegations of false product test results.

Vermont Lawmakers Consider Legislation to Expand Cannabis Expungements

House and Senate leadership support a measure that would automatically expunge criminal records involving the possession of two ounces or less of cannabis.

Pennsylvania Governor Calls For Marijuana Legalization To Boost Economy

Gov. Wolf announced numerous legislative proposals Tuesday to boost the economy in the wake of the coronavirus shutdown, including a call to legalize recreational marijuana.


Cannabis Legalisation: Where is Medicinal Cannabis Legal in the World?

Despite the growing medicinal use of cannabis throughout the world, there are still more than a hundred countries where medicinal cannabis is illegal. However, the reason for the continued prohibition varies from country to country. 

Ireland spent €8,975 on couriers to collect and deliver medical cannabis during Covid-19

Ireland’s Department of Health spent close to €9,000 on couriers to collect and deliver medical cannabis from the Netherlands for dozens of Irish patients, who could not travel abroad during the Covid-19 lockdown, the Irish Examiner has learned.

Brazilian plan for legal cultivation of industrial hemp, MMJ moving ahead as nation battles pandemic

Draft legislation that would allow Brazilian farmers to grow cannabis for medical and industrial purposes on domestic soil for the first time has been submitted to the country’s lower house of Congress.

Philippines death penalty: A fight to stop the return of capital punishment

Capital punishment opponents expect a steep battle to prevent President Rodrigo Duterte from reimposing the death penalty, as he renews calls for the law as part of a “drug war” that has already killed thousands of Filipinos.

Elephant at Warsaw Zoo to test cannabis-extract oil

Dr Czujkowska said that, to her knowledge, the project was the first of its kind to monitor the cortisol levels of elephants before and after they have taken CBD oil.

French groups warn of ‘dramatic repercussions’ for hemp if CBD declared narcotic

A quartet of French industry groups has criticized the European Commission’s preliminary view that CBD should be regulated as a narcotic, warning that producers, manufacturers and consumers would all face “dramatic repercussions” if the stance is made official.

Making sense of Mexico’s dual legalization measures

Mexico’s president says he won’t interfere with legislation to legalize marijuana and hemp when the country’s Congress takes up the bill next month.



Request for Proposals Closing the Gaps in Cannabis Research

Since the legalization and regulation of cannabis for non-medical purposes in October 2018, the ways in which Canadians use cannabis have increased and diversified. While some data are being collected to measure the impact of the legalization of non-medical cannabis on public health and safety, knowledge gaps remain. We are seeking to fill these gaps as well as help to inform the legislative review of the Cannabis Act.


Cannabis could be a useful form of harm reduction for addicted youth, B.C. study reveals

Findings come as B.C. is seeing its worst stretch in history for fatal overdoses.

Cannabinoid series: a CBD cocrystal for the treatment of PTSD

European Pharmaceutical Review spoke with Dr Andy Yates to discuss Artelo Bioscience’s new CBD and TMP cocrystal, with the potential to treat PTSD.

Parents hail 10-month-old’s response to cannabis oil treatment as ‘amazing’

7NEWS can reveal a secret state government farm has produced the first-ever cannabis crop for a new local industry that is being harvested and studied. It promises to make the treatment option more accessible and affordable for thousands of patients. Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall said it’s about “creating the McDonald’s of the medicinal cannabis world”.

Higher rates of e‐cigarette and cannabis use not linked to vaping‐related lung injuries

Higher rates of e-cigarette and marijuana use in U.S. states did not result in more e-cigarette or vaping-related lung injuries (known as EVALI), a new study from the Yale School of Public Health finds.

4 Biggest Benefits Of Vaping

  • Vaping is Less Harmful than Smoking
  • You Can Control Dosing and Output
  • Can Save You Money
  • Leaves No Residue or Odors

Dermatologists Chime In On Effectiveness Of CBD Beauty Products

CBD is a popular skincare additive, with many brands creating expensive products that highlight the compound. Here’s what dermatologists think about that.


Positive drug tests for employees hit 16-year high as marijuana legalization expands

As recreational marijuana legalization has expanded to 11 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia, positive workplace drug tests have reportedly climbed to a 16-year high.

Taxing Cannabis – How Different Countries Collect Revenue

Much like everything else in the world of legal cannabis, every location that has created a market, has its very own setup for how to regulate and tax it. So far, there are no two places that do it exactly the same.

Kamala Harris Says Biden Admin Will Decriminalize Cannabis

The Biden Administration would pursue policies to decriminalize cannabis possession and enact some police reforms, said Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) — Joe Biden’s pick for vice president — in an interview yesterday with ABC News.

Did Your Hemp Extract Just Become Illegal?

Late last week, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) released their Interim Final Ruling on hemp extract that, if passed in October, will have devastating consequences for the CBD industry. The DEA ruling prohibits any hemp extract that reach 0.3% or more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) at any point during the manufacturing process, by categorizing these products as Schedule 1 Narcotics. 


Netflix Documentary Argues that Cannabis can Save Lives

Netflix’s critically acclaimed documentary, Weed the People is following desperate families who are running out of time and have no choice but to turn to alternative options.

Snoop Dogg’s Cookbook Provides Recipes For When You’re Already High

“From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen” has no cannabis-infused food, but is filled with munchies.

New book – Drug Use for Grown-Ups

A new book from Dr Carl L Hart, one of the world’s foremost experts on the effects of recreational drugs on the mind and body, is both a powerful argument that the greatest dangers from drugs flow from their being illegal, and a testament to how they can be part of a responsible and happy life.

4 women in history who used cannabis for mysticism

Here are just a few women of renown who got high and channeled the divine.


54% Of CBD Beverages Contain Less CBD Than Advertised

According to Leafreport, only 4 out of 22 products tested actually contained the levels of CBD that were advertised.

With more than 420+ cannabis companies across 50+ categories, The Green List helps hemp and cannabis companies to promote their products, services, and events online.




It’s been a long journey getting Australia’s first medicinal cannabis course for health professionals online. First delivered in 2017, Dr Caldicott’s comprehensively researched course is finally available at the click of a few buttons.

Medical Cannabis Cultivation Webinar [Online]

Wednesday, Sep 2, 2020 07:00 PM AEST: Join us as we speak to Australian cultivators growing medicinal cannabis. We will discuss strains, lighting, fertiliser and exactly what it takes to grow a medical crop.


Thursday, 27 August 2020 2:00 pm AEST: Will Australia legalise recreational cannabis within 2 years? Join Australian Members of Parliament as they discuss the future of adult-use cannabis in Australia.

What are the trends in cannabis clinical research? [online]

Thursday, 3 September 2020 7:00 pm AEST: Join one of Israel’s lead Government scientist as she discusses trends in Israel’s cannabis research field.

Top international industry trends: A deep dive into the key cannabis markets [online]

Thursday, 17 September 2020 11:00 am AEST: Join me as a speak with Matt Lamers about the key markets across the globe. Matt is one of the most informed cannabis experts on the plan. Matt’s territories cover North and South America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa.