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By Published On: November 18, 2020Categories: Cannabis, News


Australian task force reported in 1994 that cannabis prohibition causes “significant social harm”

Legalise Cannabis Western Australia Party

The Legalise Cannabis WA Party is up and running. Our website will be up in the near future but in the meantime, you can join the party via this link.


New Zealand-made, pharma-grade cannabis medicines – will they be affordable?

Australian health fund becomes the first to offer rebates for medicinal cannabis

Rose Jackson’s Policy Safari: Should Cannabis Be Legal?

The new ‘cannabis king’ of the USA

Dr Jiggens interviews Greg Chipp of Drug Policy Australia on the citizen-initiated referendum in the US in the 2020 election.

The day of the troll: Taste-testing Queensland’s democracy sausage

While campaigning in South Brisbane during the Queensland Election, Dr John Jiggens encountered the nasty side of political trolling.

Cannabis as Medicine Survey 2020 launched

Have you used cannabis or marijuana for medical purposes in the last 12 months? Are you an Australian aged 18 or over? Take this anonymous online survey from the University of Sydney and help us understand why and how Australians use cannabis as medicine. The survey takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Global survey of cannabis cultivators

The International Cannabis Cultivation Survey has gone live! This anonymous online survey aims to better our collective understanding of small-scale cannabis cultivation and culture around the world. To take the survey or find out more, head to the website: https://worldwideweed.nl/


Central Massachussetts greener as state cannabis sales hit $1B

Chicago avoids laying off 350 city employees because cannabis sales have “gone through the roof”

Canada’s Weed Sales Just Hit a New High — Here’s Why That Hasn’t Helped Pot Stocks

Sales of legal cannabis skyrocketing at Government owned Québec Cannabis Corporation

Four new cannabis stores opening in Cape Breton, Canada

Fifteen new cannabis stores are opening in existing beverage and alcohol stores across the province of Nova Scotia, including four in Cape Breton.

Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation employees arrange a sign in the Glace Bay store advising customers of renovations in preparation for the addition of a cannabis store scheduled to open Nov. 30.


Health Minister Says Medical Cannabis Clinics a Big Success in Thailand

Malta sets up medical cannabis industry section

Uruguay discusses selling cannabis to tourists

Costa Rica legislators endorse medicinal use of cannabis

South African cannabis legalisation bill blasted by local businesses

Mexico is poised to legalize marijuana, but advocates don’t like the details


With the rapid rise of entheogenic/psychedelic research and therapy in the psychological sphere, it is about time cannabis was recognized, studied and applied in therapeutic settings. This piece and the paper it cites offer relevant insights into why this obvious connection had been so elusive.

Meet the Man Who Brought DMT to the Masses

Australia’s Largest Database of Cannabis Companies

CBD Oil to hemp, producers to importers, retailers to non-profits, and more. If they work with the cannabis plant and conduct business in Australia, you’ll find them here.

With more than 420+ cannabis companies across 50+ categories, The Green List helps hemp and cannabis companies to promote their products, services, and events online.




It’s been a long journey getting Australia’s first medicinal cannabis course for health professionals online. First delivered in 2017, Dr Caldicott’s comprehensively researched course is finally available at the click of a few buttons.

Medical Cannabis Explained: FREE Webinar series for Health Professionals [Links below]

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