Embassy HEADLINES Issue 435

By Published On: November 26, 2020Categories: Cannabis, News


Leader of Australia’s HEMP Party says “100,000 jobs just waiting to happen in Australia” if cannabis is legalised

‘Nowhere to hide’ for drug dealers as NSW police given new powers


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Greens call Tasmania’s cannabis program “compassionless medical cannabis failure”

Data shows the majority of Kiwi’s who voted against cannabis legalisation are over 50

NZ Cannabis Advocacy Group Calls For Broader Amnesty

Israel’s first commercial medical cannabis export lands in Australia

Newly formed pro-cannabis party launching in WA

Proposed NSW police powers to search convicted drug dealers labelled ‘unjust’

Proposed law would allow police to detain and search anyone convicted in the past 10 years without a warrant.

Survey: Drug Driving in Queensland

Cannabis as Medicine Survey 2020 launched

Have you used cannabis or marijuana for medical purposes in the last 12 months? Are you an Australian aged 18 or over? Take this anonymous online survey from the University of Sydney and help us understand why and how Australians use cannabis as medicine. The survey takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Global survey of cannabis cultivators

The International Cannabis Cultivation Survey has gone live! This anonymous online survey aims to better our collective understanding of small-scale cannabis cultivation and culture around the world. To take the survey or find out more, head to the website: https://worldwideweed.nl/


Colorado summer cannabis sales thrive despite collapse of state’s tourism industry

Mayor Stewart announces plan to decriminalize simple possession of drugs in Vancouver

California Claims Cannabis Billboards Have Been Displayed Improperly

Arizona Cannabis: New Opportunities Under Proposition 207

Successful Cannabis Initiatives In Montana, Mississippi, and South Dakota Face Legal Challenges

Future Legal Cannabis States Can Learn from California’s Mistakes

Maine records $1.4 million in recreational cannabis sales in first month

Former Blackberry executive pivots to weed, set to open cannabis store in Kitchener, Ontario

What A Biden Administration Means For The Cannabis Industry


North Macedonia May Legalize Marijuana To Boost Tourism, Prime Minister Says

Lebanon Legalized Medical Cannabis, 1st in Arab World

Fly with Cannabis – Which Countries Let You Do It

Mexico may become the third country to legalise cannabis

Germany Rejected Its Recreational Cannabis Bill

Another cannabis flower recall in Germany stemming from contamination

The Impact of Global Drug Policy on Women: Shifting the Needle

Inside Britain’s biggest legal cannabis farm and why business is booming for CBD producers

Australia’s Largest Database of Cannabis Companies

CBD Oil to hemp, producers to importers, retailers to non-profits, and more. If they work with the cannabis plant and conduct business in Australia, you’ll find them here.

With more than 420+ cannabis companies across 50+ categories, The Green List helps hemp and cannabis companies to promote their products, services, and events online.




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