Embassy HEADLINES Issue 441

By Published On: January 7, 2021Categories: Cannabis, News


Where has all the flower gone? Medical Cannabis supply shortage, harming patients

The War on Drugs with Johann Hari


Vaping is safer than smoking but needs to be regulated

Jailing is failing: Why Sydney doesn’t need a new prison

MardiGrass 1-2 May 2021


U.S. students can get hemp lesson

Strong December drives 2020 Oregon cannabis tally to more than $1.1B

Michigan Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Veterinarians to Discuss Cannabinoids with Clients

Ontario missing small amount of legal cannabis

South Dakota State Bar Says Lawyers Cannot Serve Cannabis Industry

Illinois Judge Rules Against Craft Cannabis Growers Seeking Immediate Licenses

Illinois officials say they’ve expunged 500,000 cannabis convictions

Marijuana Is Now Supposed To Be Legal In New Jersey, But It’s Not

New Jersey Lawmakers Propose Penalties for Underage Cannabis Crimes


‘Not interested’: Goa India CM scuttles proposal to allow cannabis cultivation

Hong Kong Drugs chief rules out legalization of Cannabis

Israeli court to ease rules on cannabis use for officers and NCO

Low CBD prices? Chinese foodmaker says it’s no problem

Hemp ‘viable’ in Bahamas, but cross-pollination is a worry

First Hemp Production License In U.S. Virgin Islands Issued

Fresh call for Indonesia to legalise medical marijuana

USA Arrests for Cannabis Possession Decline, But Remain Higher Than Arrests for Violent Crime