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The weekly friday meetings to pull MardiGrass2021 into shape will begin this Friday January 22 at 4.20 in the HEMP Bar says MOB (MardiGrass Organising Body) President Michael Balderstone. ” We’re planning it like there’s no Corona but who knows what will be going on with Covid by the first weekend in May. It could be jabs all round or rampant corona so obviously we have to wait ‘n see. 
“It will be an all Aussie MardiGrass as we won’t be flying in any overseas speakers. They may join us online but essentially we hope to bring together a bunch of Australian experts on all things Cannabis.
“There will be a big focus on the ridiculous saliva testing by police of drivers searching for minute traces of THC. These driving laws show clearly just how serious the Government is about NOT supporting medical cannabis. Fiona Patten is coming to MardiGrass and by then she might have the Victorian driving laws changed for legal cannabis users which would be a start at least. Ex Magistrate David Heilpern and solicitor Steve Bolt will join Fiona for a Q and A on drug driving.
“There will also be a special focus on Veterans with PTSD gaining access to cannabis and the government’s lack of support on that. This is likely the tipping point for the American Federal laws to change now Biden is president. The suicide rate of ex military people is shameful and we know cannabis could help many enormously.”
Last week the HEMP Olympix officials examined the Growers Iron Person and Bong Throw and Yell course and declared there was plenty of room for social distancing should it be needed. A smaller crowd than usual is expected because overseas flights will keep many champions from getting here. This has galvanised locals into early training hoping medals might be easier to score this year.
“But nothing has galvanised us for MardiGrass like the patheticness of our politician’s who refuse to listen to their own experts who keep telling them to change the cannabis laws. The police apparently are the experts on the drug laws and get the final say. A bit of vested interest in there do you think seeing as half the police work and arrests come from the drug war. Not just jobs, but the power, the power to search and destroy pretty much if they want to. Drug use is a health issue and the longer we police it the way we are the worse it will become.
“It will be our 29th annual MardiGrass protesting to end the war on cannabis. For the first decade we cried it’s our choice of medicine and they said we were liars. The second decade they said maybe it helps epileptic children, maybe. Now they agree it’s good medicine for a wide range of issues yet still we are not allowed to grow our own and they control the supply and we must access it via a doctor.  They say our outdoor organic home grown weed is not safe and they wonder why people don’t trust the government!”
All who would like to be involved in any way in MardiGrass2021 should please get in touch. Via the contact list on is best or phone the HEMP Embassy on 66891842. Artists of every kind are most welcome as well as volunteers to help set up, clean toilets, cook, recycle, etc etc. Musicians, poets and performers, Ubud drivers, in fact any drug free drivers, and Jungle Patrol traffic controllers, market stalls and speakers, please get in touch. 
There is a movement for people to walk to MardiGrass this year in protest against the saliva testing roadblocks. Hitch hiking is acceptable of course and we urge clean drivers to join in helping their druggie friends to join the gathering.

Nimbin MardiGrass 2021

Performers of all kinds, artists and magicians, poets and musicians, please get in touch if you would like to be a part of MardiGrass 2021, May 1 and 2 this year. 

And Ubud drug free drivers, we want to hear from you. Anyone in fact who wants to offer whatever volunteer services or talent to the annual cannabis law reform protest and gathering, do contact us. If you want to be a Ganja Faerie, or have a market stall, or join Jungle Patrol, or simply volunteer and be part of it, please get in touch. If you would like to speak or share knowledge also…

All contact details are on or visit the HEMP Embassy or phone 0266891842.
There is a good idea about the saliva testing roadblocks, we walk to MardiGrass this year. If you are concerned about losing your licence, do the trip on foot. Hitchhiking acceptable.

Michael Balderstone
President Nimbin HEMP Embassy & Aust HEMP Party
51 Cullen st, Nimbin, NSW 2480
0266891842 or 0472760236 &
The law is the real crime!