Embassy HEADLINES Issue 444

By Published On: January 28, 2021Categories: Cannabis, News


Australia’s cannabis market valued at $14.8 billion


New Zealand initiative to study potential of hempseed hulls

Legalising recreational cannabis: good or bad for Australian patients?

Australian Natural Therapeutics Group begins commercial manufacturing of cannabis oil . . .

. . . and most of it will be exported to Germany

Dying man pleads for better access to medical cannabis in Tasmania

France chooses Canadian, Australian, Israeli companies to supply free medical cannabis for trial program


U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order ending the federal government’s use of private prisons.

This Kentucky Senator is Challenging the Federal THC Limit in Hemp

Washington State Lawmakers Consider Cannabis Home Grows


Several Nations Could Legalize Adult Use Cannabis In 2021—Which Could Be Next?

Bavarian activist gifts lawmakers CBD

Thai Govt sets up legal cannabis business registration guide

Is France Moving Towards A Legalization Of Cannabis?

He was serving a life sentence for cannabis. Then he got a phone call from Ivanka Trump

FDA withdraws pending CBD enforcement proposal


Heroes in Cannabis – Jack Herer: The Man Behind the Strain

The turn from tobacco: why more people are starting to smoke cannabis with herbal blends

5 Common Problems That Plague Marijuana Users And How To Fix Them

UFC changes its anti-doping rules; now allowing cannabis