Embassy HEADLINES Issue 453

By Published On: April 1, 2021Categories: Cannabis, News



Cann Global obtains export permit to bring Canntab’s “hard pill” medical cannabis to Australia

Hundreds still ending up in NZ courts for cannabis possession

Western Australia Hemp Trial Update   


California: Task Force Recommends Against Imposition of Per Se Traffic Safety Limits for THC

Tax Revenue from Legal Cannabis Sales in USA Tops $3 Billion in 2020

Provincial windfall from Ontario Cannabis Store seen rising to CA$170M

‘Cannabis 2.0’ products dent Canada’s dried-flower market


Cannabis reform in Malta: possession up to 7g, cultivation of four plants at home

Spanish cops seize pot plants in hemp grow

How weed activists are taking action in the Mexican legalization movement

A new Bill tabled in UK Parliament challenges the Misuse of Drugs Act’s 50 years of failure

UK deadline for CBD approvals nears



Cannabis-themed cooking show launching on 4/20

Scientists claim people who regularly smoke cannabis are just as likely to exercise as non-users