Bruised Footballers would love Cannabis after a Game!

By Published On: May 26, 2021Categories: Cannabis, Media Releases

Media Release – May 20 2021 from the AUSTRALIAN HEMP PARTY

Bruised Footballers would love Cannabis after a Game!

“Willie Rioli’s excessive punishment for an ounce of weed does not fit the crime, which is possibly an AFL specialty, like soft free kicks in front of goal,” says Michael Balderstone, President of the HEMP Party.

“Australia is embarrassingly being left behind clinging to the now long recognised failed war on drugs and there are many unnecessary victims if only we would get with the times. Our alcohol drenched football codes are a classic case in question.”
“We forget prohibition is less than a century old and before that cannabis was an extra ordinary healing herb full of anti-inflammatory properties exactly what bruised footballers need.”
“And most people don’t seem to realise you don’t have to get stoned to enjoy the health benefits. Freshly juiced or in any form unheated it is not psychoactive.”
Here’s what the HEMP Party’s spokesperson for sport Andy Puttnam had to say about it this week.
“When Rioli, an indigenous AFL player was recently busted for cannabis in Darwin he was dragged through a mire of morality. 
Why? Once again Australia is behind the times on cannabis research and development. Some countries are now allowing athletes to test positive for cannabis. Only recently the Florida State Boxing commission removed Cannabis from its prohibited list. Will this produce a domino effect? Since loosening regulations Mixed Martial Arts competitors have taken up cannabis, one survey suggesting a nearly 50% uptake.
In December 2019 US Minor League Baseball and its player association announced cannabis was no longer on its restricted list.
In October 2020 student athletes in Canada were no longer banned for using cannabis.
Some marathon runners have also joined the party and won gruelling events whilst under the influence.
When one runner was asked to explain this phenomenon he said running was more enjoyable and he didn’t feel like he was counting down every mile.
This year two Cambridge University studies equated cannabis consumption with greater levels of physical activity. At the end of last month based on research in USA the Harm Reduction Journal came to the same conclusion.
Maybe it’s time we started listening to science.
There is anecdotal evidence as far back as the 70’s of a footballer who got stoned before an AFL Grand Final and played well.
Maybe Willie’s football brilliance and crowd dazzling performances can partially be attributed to cannabis. Which ever way you look at it sporting codes need to look at their own regimes regarding cannabis rather than vilifying and calling for the rehabilitation of Willie Rioli. We’re talking about a harmless herb we’ve been lied to about for generations. Wake up Australia.”
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Michael Balderstone

President, Australian HEMP Party and Nimbin HEMP Embassy
51 Cullen Street
Nimbin NSW 2480

“The war on drugs seems to be all about who gets to profit from our pain relief, a truly sick business.”