Embassy HEADLINES Issue 469
Embassy HEADLINES Issue 469

Embassy HEADLINES Issue 469



Sharefarming solution as soaring land prices keeps young hemp oil producers out of property market

Australian cannabis communities bloom on Reddit in recent years

“We need to change the way we think” says MP Dr Brian Walker

AusCann seeks regulatory approval for Australia’s first CBD product for dogs


Paiute Tribe Leads Las Vegas Cannabis Industry Through COVID and Beyond

Back From the Dead: A few good cannabis bills passed into law in Arizona

Virginia leaders fill regulatory boards that will oversee marijuana legalization

Tribal court rules for Mohawk marijuana dispensary to stay open

Marijuana no longer seized at airport checkpoints in New York

New Mexico Prepares for April Launch of Adult-Use Cannabis Sales

Does New Mexico have enough water for cannabis?

New Mexico school starts hemp program

Kentucky Hemp Association Furious Over Delta-8 THC Raids

Canadian producers destroyed over 500 tons of cannabis since 2018

New Colorado law sets up pollen-drift review to minimize hemp, marijuana conflicts

Colorado Company Scores DEA Cannabis Research Licence

Cannabis Arrests Down in Colorado but Black People Still Disproportionately Targeted

Pennsylvania factory to turn out hemp-based plastic products

California Governor Signs Legislation to Establish Department of Cannabis Control


Gibraltar Government to legislate a medicinal cannabis industry

Colombia ready to give flower exports the go-ahead

Ireland Makes Changes To Medical Cannabis Reimbursement

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