Embassy HEADLINES Issue 472

By Published On: August 12, 2021Categories: Cannabis, News


“Are we happy with that state of affairs?” MP Dr Brian Walker asks

What does Victoria’s ‘Inquiry into the Use of Cannabis’ report actually say?


Victorian premier Daniel Andrews dismisses cannabis inquiry findings despite expert recommendations

In the open: Victorian Police seek to continue war on cannabis purely for funding

Consumers urged to see their GP ahead of changes to nicotine vaping laws

New Zealand leads the way with vaping regulations

Australians rush to back new medical cannabis company – Medibis


Shipping Marijuana Around The US May Already Be Legal Due To This

Maine’s cannabis market reaches another high

Wisconsin Lawmakers Unveil New Marijuana Legalization Bill—At A Cannabis Shop In Illinois

Medical Marijuana Sales In Missouri Continue To Climb

Michigan Spends $20M In Marijuana Revenue To Study Medical Cannabis For Veterans With PTSD

What Do You Do with a Billion Grams of Surplus Weed in Canada?

Colorado’s Hemp Plan Finally Approved

New Hampshire Governor Signs Bill Allowing Medical MJ To Treat Opioid Use Disorder And Letting Out-Of-State Patients Shop

With North Carolina exit, will more states give up hemp oversight?


Guyana’s cabinet signs off on plan to develop a hemp industry

Watch this machine sort 440 pounds of weed per hour

“We are missing an opportunity” for cannabis law reform says Dr Cumming