Embassy HEADLINES Issue 476
Embassy HEADLINES Issue 476

Embassy HEADLINES Issue 476


Drive Change calls on industry to spread the word about ‘Ask Me Anything’ webinar

Study reports no increase in traffic accidents following cannabis legalisation in Canada


“The time is right for drug law reform in Tasmania,” says Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA)

Proposed drug-driving law could see South Australian medicinal cannabis users lose their licence on the spot

Australia’s largest clinical trial of CBD oil for sleep begins at SCU


Drug possession charges dropped across Ontario at an unprecedented rate

Two U.S. Territories Hosting Event On Marijuana Legalization’s Tourism Impact

Raids in Oregon underscore enforcement challenges

Missouri sees more than 140 medical cannabis dispensaries open in under a year

Maine Cannabis Sales Hit $10M+ for the First Time

Marijuana Possession Arrests Plunge in NYC Post-Legalization

Ohio Cultivator and Non-profit Organization Offer Education Program in Cultivation

Federal judge blocks ban on water deliveries for Asian pot farmers in Northern California

Illinois Confesses Licensing Blunder; Has Another Lottery Coming

Cannabis Billboards Face a Ban in Michigan

Interactive Cannabis College Opens in Central Florida


German, Swiss, Canadian companies get licenses in Zimbabwe


Double-Edged Leaf: Cannabis and Climate Change



Little Green Pharma launches psychedelic medicines division

Marijuana use at historic high among college-aged adults in 2020

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