Embassy HEADLINES Issue 479
Embassy HEADLINES Issue 479

Embassy HEADLINES Issue 479


L.A. County to Toss Nearly 60,000 Cannabis Convictions


Queensland medical cannabis user says police conducted a “targeted attack” to arrest him

Melbourne mayor presses ahead with cannabis plan

Legalise Cannabis Party to take on Kristina Keneally in Fowler

Who really benefits from Australia’s cannabis black market?


Canadian retail marijuana sales hit record CA$338.9 million in July

New Jersey’s Adult-Use Cannabis Market Won’t Include Some Infused Products

An Illicit Cannabis Farm So Huge, It Was Visible From Space

Hundreds of Oregon hemp producers found growing illicit marijuana

US jobs boom shows economic benefits of cannabis legalisation

California State Fair Announces First-Ever Cannabis Competition

Terminally Ill Californians Will Have Access To Medical Marijuana In Hospitals

$1.5M in funding to fight “worst” illegal cannabis grows in 3 California counties

Humboldt County Approves $1M Emergency Grant for Cannabis Farmers


Swiss Doctors to Prescribe Cannabis Without “Exceptional Authorization”

Did Luxembourg Really Just Pay 3 Million Euros For 30 Kilos Of Medical Cannabis?

Irish hemp group bows out of ‘ridiculous’ government consultation

First cannabis-based product under MCAP to be available from next month in Ireland

Czech hemp in vanguard as president signs law re-setting THC limit

Bod Australia to trial new CBD medication for over-the-counter sale

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