Embassy HEADLINES Issue 485

By Published On: November 11, 2021Categories: Cannabis, News


Australian Cannabis Summit gears up for third year

California Celebrates 25 Years Of Medical Cannabis


The TGA is changing sponsor requirements for unapproved medical cannabis products

Australian politicians are ‘too busy’ to legalise cannabis

Walker Walks Away From Creso Pharma Role

WA select committee calls for industry submissions

Organised crime is overpowering authorities in drug war, says veteran investigator


Cannabis Legalization in Canada: Three Years On

Virginia Election Outcome Endangers Marijuana Legalization Rollout

Delta-8 Temporarily Made Legal in Texas

New York Bans Cannabinoid Hemp Program Delta-8 THC

No, President Biden Cannot Legalize Weed or Deschedule It, Even With an Executive Order

US Governors put pressure on Congress to pass cannabis banking bill

We’ll Keep Denying Public Housing Over Marijuana Use, Insists Biden Administration

Warren presses Biden on pardons for nonviolent cannabis convictions

Michigan Governor Signs Bill Ending Medical Marijuana License Ban For People With Past Convictions

Oregon landowners risk consequences from cannabis


States of Guernsey to debate legalising cannabis

Malaysian Health Ministry Permits Marijuana For Medical Treatment

The Guide to Cannabis Genetics Terminology and Vocabulary

How does cannabis affect the gut microbiome?

‘Long past due’: Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman lead new push for federal cannabis legislation


The Small Dispensary Blues