Embassy HEADLINES Issue 489

By Published On: December 9, 2021Categories: Cannabis, News


Attention NSW residents: Legalise Cannabis NSW needs you NOW


How Canberra’s cannabis laws are and aren’t being used nearly two years on from decriminalisation

Greg Hunt’s response to cannabis petition is full of holes

Study finds NSW Cannabis Medicines Advisory Service rates well with healthcare professionals

Australia’s largest crowd-funding project is now a cannabis company

Catalyst: Medicinal cannabis database launches to support prescribers and patients

SA ramps up roadside drug-testing powers in blow to cannabis campaigners


Toronto passes 200 cannabis stores, nears CA$50 million in monthly sales

New York Bill Pushes Hemp Packaging for Cannabis Products

Narco-Slavery Runs Rampant in Oregon

Nebraska Governor Partners With Prohibitionist Group On Ad Opposing Medical Marijuana

Illinois’ weed tax windfall tops $560 million. Here’s where the money goes.

Evidence from Colorado suggests legal cannabis dispensaries fuel jobs boom


Israel: Health Ministry to look at legalizing use of cannabinoid CBD

EU Raises Maximum THC Levels Allowed in Hemp

Mexico high court clears low-THC cannabis production

In ‘totally normal’ Britain, cocaine use reported in Parliament while PM goes on police drug raid

Passports to be taken off illegal drug users in Boris Johnson’s new crackdown

Why Britain should join the race to corner the cannabis market

United Nations Panel Rejects International Kratom Ban

Switzerland: The Home of Psychedelics Testing – What’s Going on Now?

Will Hempcrete Ever Catch On?


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