Embassy HEADLINES Issue 492

By Published On: December 29, 2021Categories: Cannabis, News



Support. Don’t Punish 2021 Campaign with Johann Hari

Cannabis year in review: the NZ referendum’s long shadow

Dermacann For Dogs Reaches Final Hurdle In Australia

Unharm’s Legalise Cannabis Petition


Adult-Use Cannabis: The U.S.’s Fifth Most Valuable Crop

Illinois Collects Nearly $100 Million More From Marijuana Tax Revenue Than Alcohol In 2021

Colorado Cannabis Sales Set $2.19B Record in 2020

Missouri Making A Motza From Medical Cannabis

Wisconsin Governor Grants Marijuana And Drug-Related Pardons, Setting State Clemency Record

Canadian marijuana industry employment tumbled as producers drew federal COVID-19 cash, analysis shows


Inside Thailand’s Underground Cannabis Industry

A global push to raise hemp THC limit

Ancient Hemp House & Hemp Cultivation practices in Japan

Model home is blueprint for sustainable, affordable housing in India

Pakistan’s Ministry of Science & Technology tweets about the revenue potential of cannabis

Germany Moves To Legalise Cannabis, Second European Country After Malta

A new building in France makes the case for hemp to replace concrete

UK: ‘Overwhelming evidence’ Boris urged to go further with drug treatment funding by Tory MP

Understanding the UK’s hemp ‘grey area’

Ireland: Belfast mayor Kate Nicholl in legalise cannabis call

Israel to look into legalizing CBD


Freakshow! Weed Gets Weird

Weird And Wonderful Cannabis Mutations

Bongs vs Pipes: Which Is The Best Option?

Cannabis Laws in the USA: Which State Is the Most Progressive?


High Court challenge alleges Irish anti-drug legislation is against EU free movement of goods

Mexican court allows subsidiary of Canadian company to grow cannabis