Embassy HEADLINES Issue 494

By Published On: January 13, 2022Categories: Cannabis, News



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“Brute Force and Paternalistic Grand Standing”: Sniff Off on NSW Police Drug Dog Use

NSW Police scrap controversial search targets after quota rise during pandemic

Ten Underlying Reasons Behind Opposition to Vaping

SAS-B approvals more than doubled in 2021, TGA data shows


USA States Have Collected More Than $10 Billion In Adult-Use Marijuana Tax Revenue

Arkansas dispensaries sold more than 40,000 pounds of medical cannabis in 2021

Arizona Adult-Use Cannabis Sales Reach a Record $60M

Michigan Breaks Another Marijuana Sales Record For December 2021

How Much Cannabis Can You Legally Possess In Oregon? New Rules Taking Effect In 2022

‘Something’s not right in southern Oregon’: alarm at rise of illegal pot farms

‘Battle royale’: Cannabis regulation bills pit Washington regulatory agency against some marijuana businesses

LA County Considers Fining Unlicensed Cannabis Operators $30K per Day

Texas Governor Says People Shouldn’t Be Jailed Over Marijuana Possession

50 Years of Legal Pot – How Alaska Legalized, Recriminalized, then Legalized Again


Largest study to date on delta-8-THC finds users say it’s delta-9’s ‘nicer younger sibling’

Science vs. Stigma: True Cost of Psychedelic Censorship

How 15 Minutes of Strength Training Can Reduce Pain Via Endocannabinoid System

Exploring Equity and Social Justice Initiatives within UK Cannabis Reform

Canada effectively legalises psychedelics for medical use