Embassy HEADLINES Issue 496

By Published On: January 27, 2022Categories: Cannabis, News


Thailand gives green light to growing cannabis at home amid push to promote it as a cash crop

Sisters of the Valley Plan to Mail 13,000 Hemp Seeds to 1,000 Customers


Legalise Cannabis NSW also gets rego

Western Australia’s Hemp Squared Scores State Government Grant

Medicinal cannabis products by active ingredients

Australia’s largest ever cannabis crop found near Coonabarabran


British Columbia launching program to promote Indigenous cannabis products

New York State Expands Medical Cannabis Access

Missouri Marijuana Legalization Measures Take Differing Approaches to Expungement

Washington weed industry should be safe, equitable. To do it, modernize Liquor and Cannabis Board

Wisconsin Senate Republicans vote against recreational cannabis

Delta-8 THC is legal in Texas… for now

Rhode Island Governor Includes Marijuana Legalization And Expungements In Budget Request

Full Mississippi House Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Massachusetts Marijuana Tax Revenue Now Exceeds Alcohol By Millions

Colorado Hits New Record with $423 Million in Annual Revenue From 2021

Arizona’s Adult-Use Cannabis Sales Top $520 Million in 2021

Utah Boosts Medical Cannabis Accessibility


Thailand decriminalises cannabis, extracts with high-inducing THC still an illicit drug

European Adult-Use Cannabis Markets Should Follow A Wine – Not Pharmaceutical – Pathway

French court temporarily halts ban on smokable hemp flowers

Proposed THC limit for CBD is major threat to sector in the UK

Why is British Drug Policy so Disjointed?

Flowered steering: How well do drivers fare after smoking cannabis?

How hemp cultivators can reduce and eliminate plastic use

Is CBN Going To Give Melatonin A Run For Its Money?

Cannabis legalisation does not lead to increased psychosis or schizophrenia


USA: After One Year As President, Biden’s Marijuana Promises Remain Unfulfilled