Embassy HEADLINES Issue 498
Embassy HEADLINES Issue 498

Embassy HEADLINES Issue 498


Donations For the Legal Fees of Mitchell Rice

Colorado Bill Would Prevent Termination for Off-the-Clock Cannabis Use


Australia’s Murray River Council Gets Behind Hemp Research

NSW Greens: Road Transport Amendment (Medicinal Cannabis – Exemptions from Offences) Bill 2021

ODC announces new medicinal cannabis advisory council members


Canadian airport set to open ‘world’s first’ cannabis store

New York Regulators Crack Down On Businesses ‘Gifting’ Marijuana

New York boosts medical marijuana access as legal pot market looms

Mississippi Electrical Supplier May Pull Plug on Cannabis Businesses

Hawaii’s medical marijuana industry calls for less regulation


Albania’s prime minister asks public if country should legalize medical pot

Thailand Contemplates Building Cannabis Tourism Zones

Thailand cannabis change opens opportunities for low-THC hemp products

Cannabis to partially come off Thailand’s illegal narcotic list in about 4 months

Stakeholders in Malaysia decry slow development of hemp program

By Treating CBD Flowers As A Tobacco Product Has Belgium Established A Pathway For Other European Countries To Follow?

European Nations Are Moving to Legalise Recreational Cannabis

In Switzerland, 85% of CBD Products Do Not Meet Safety Criteria

Hemp extraction to mushroom extraction? Why some say the pivot is natural

Study: THC Levels in Blood Not Linked with Changes in Simulated Driving Performance

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