Embassy HEADLINES Issue 502

By Published On: March 17, 2022Categories: Cannabis, News


Trailer: MardiGrass – 30 years of Protest for Cannabis Law Reform


ODC pledges to review cost model following launch of single licence scheme

Medicinal cannabis being used by tens of thousands of Australians as access becomes easier

Cannatrek Kicks Off Medical Cannabis Facility Construction

Bid to increase veterinary access to medicinal cannabis hits buffers

Australia Needs Drug Decriminalisation, So Why Won’t Anthony Albanese Support It?

Police union figures charged with corruption, influencing witnesses

INCB launches international cannabis scheduling survey


Online cannabis retail regulations in Alberta highlight fight against illicit websites

Oregon counties declare ‘state of emergency,’ halt hemp licensing

Competing Georgia medical marijuana production bills advance

New York’s Draft Conditional Retail Regulations Raise Practical Concerns

California’s Cannabis Market: ‘A Recipe for Disaster’

Los Angeles’ First Cannabis Czar Cat Packer Steps Down


German Courts Continue To Prosecute Hundreds Of Cannabis Businesses Despite Looming Legalisation

Cannabis NFTs in South Africa: The Next Frontier for Inequality?

Israel: Constitution Committee discusses eliminating offense of personal use of cannabis from criminal record

U.K. Lawyer Dons Vegan Hemp Wig As Alternative To Horsehair, Disrupting Centuries-Long Tradition

UK medical cannabis trial to begin ‘ASAP’

Guyana sees hemp’s potential to bolster struggling agriculture sector

Is Marijuana A Depressant?

USA: Prison-to-pot farms confront legacy of war on drugs