Embassy HEADLINES Issue 505

By Published On: April 7, 2022Categories: Cannabis, News


US House Approves Cannabis Decriminalization Bill

NSW drug-driving laws slammed after medicinal cannabis arrest

MardiGrass postponed following recent floods


Legalise Cannabis rolling up for the election with most Senate candidates sorted

NT Hemp party candidate wants radical drug policy changes

‘Hard drug’ use falls in ACT but cannabis use soars

Big problem with Australian road rule around medical cannabis

[This story even made it to Canada!] Police arrest woman driving with medical cannabis in her system

The Pandemic Could Be Behind a Medical Cannabis Boom in Australia

TGA insists there will be no shortage of medicinal cannabis in Australia



Ann Arbor celebrates 50 years of Hash Bash with first in-person rally in two years

Alabama Senate Approves Forcing Women To Take Pregnancy Test To Obtain Weed

Ontario white-label cannabis product deals allowed, retail regulator confirms

Ex-Inmate Hails New York City’s Cannabis Licensing as Inclusive, Fantastic

New Mexico’s marijuana sales eclipse $4 million mark

New Mexico’s Adult Use Cannabis Launch Declared A Success

New Mexico launches cannabis sales, within Texans’ reach

Border Patrol: It’s still a federal offense to possess marijuana at New Mexico checkpoints

Illinois Marijuana Sales Rebound In March, Reaching $131 Million, State Officials Report

Maine’s Beal University Launches Cannabis Degree Programs

Tennessee’s first legal cannabis restaurant is coming to Germantown this spring

Philadelphia will opt out of medical marijuana


Dutch recreational cannabis production pilot beset by delays

Non-profit cannabis model key to success for Malta reform

How Cannabis Users Obtain and Purchase Cannabis: A Comparison of Cannabis Users from European Countries with Different Cannabis Policies

Colombia sets trade regulations for medical MJ, CBD and other cannabinoids

New app shows how cannabinoids could interact with other medications

Why Centrists Should Support Drug Policy Reform

D.C. Lawmakers Reject Bill To Effectively Legalize Marijuana Sales For Adults And Crack Down On ‘Gifting’ Market

USA: The Vape Company at the Center of the FDA Storm

A Visual Guide to Investing in Psychedelics

LSD Capitalism Promises a Bad Trip for Us All