Embassy HEADLINES Issue 506

By Published On: April 14, 2022Categories: Cannabis, News


Excluding medicinal cannabis users from driving offences

Submissions open for NSW drug-driving inquiry

MardiGrass postponed following recent floods


Cannabis-infused wine has made a splash in the United States, so is Australia ready?

Nimbin 420 Day Picnic

Microdose 14: For the Love of Weed and Justice, 28 April 2022, Webinar

NZ Medical Cannabis Put On The Fast-Track


Arizona Court Rules in Favor of Woman Charged With Child Abuse Over Prenatal Pot Use

North Dakota Activists File New Marijuana Legalization Initiative For 2022 Ballot

Medical Cannabis Edibles Could Be On The Menu In Pennsylvania

Unions pushing to organize as Connecticut cannabis industry expands

Weed seeds may be legal to ship across the US, DEA says

Kentucky Governor Says He Will Consider Executive Order on Medical Cannabis if Legalization Bill Fails to Reach His Desk

Virginia Gov. Signs Bills to Ban Delta-8 and Improve Medical Cannabis Access


Polish high court rules against health officials, clearing hemp flowers as food

African Governments Militarize Cannabis Production, Create Prison Grow-Ops

Russian invasion of Ukraine further upends cannabis supply chain

London Drug Diversion Pilot Victim Of Misinformation And ‘Backwards, Stigmatising Attitude Towards Cannabis’

The Fight Over Cannabis Flower as ‘Generic Medication’ in Germany

Medical Cannabis to be Sold at Pharmacies in Greece

Zimbabwe Eyes Switch to Cannabis as Tobacco Demand Seen Waning


Masterchef’s Simon Toohey joins Hemp Foods Australia

‘Gifting’ weed still allowed in Washington DC as city council rejects bid to crack down on practice

First Visit to a Cannabis Dispensary? A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Seth Rogen on his pot business: ‘most people can incorporate weed into their lives’