Greens announce their Legalise Cannabis Policy at Nimbin Town Hall Monday 2 May 2022

By Published On: April 29, 2022Categories: Events

MEDIA ALERT: April 29 2022. From Greens NSW



Greens NSW Senate candidate David Shoebridge and Greens candidate for Page Kashmir Miller are in Nimbin calling for urgent national laws to legalise cannabis. 

Decades of failed policy has seen state and national police fighting a damaging and futile war against a weed, together with the millions of Australians who have used it in their lifetime.

With State governments failing to move on cannabis law reform the Greens will be using the balance of power in the Federal Parliament to legalise cannabis on a national level. The Greens will be announcing their Legalise Cannabis and Safer Drug Use Policy at Nimbin Town Hall.

When: 11:30AM, Monday 2nd May 2022

Where: Nimbin Town Hall

Who: David Shoebridge, Greens NSW Senate Candidate and Neil Pike Northern Rivers musician and activist who uses medicinal cannabis

Why: Call for the legalisation and regulation of cannabis and drug law reform for safer drug use

Greens Senate Candidate David Shoebridge said: “The greatest harm from Australia’s current cannabis laws comes from the police, courts and jails that criminalise cannabis users and at the same time empower organised crime.

“Much of the rest of the world has moved on to legalise cannabis and it’s high time Australia did the same,” Mr Shoebridge said.

Greens Candidate for Page, Kashmir Miller said: “The reality is that many people in our community use cannabis and our health-based approach meets that reality.

“By legalising cannabis, we can establish a regulated industry which will raise $4.4 billion in revenue that can be used to build schools, hospitals and help with the recovery of the climate catastrophe facing the Page community,” Kashmir said

Neil Pike, musician and activist who uses cannabis to help with the pain of his cancer: “Cannabis is a lot more useful than panadol in relieving the aches and pains, but if I need to drive into town that means I’d have to abstain for days to ensure the police couldn’t charge with a positive roadside test. It makes things really difficult,” Mr Pike said.

Media Contact: David Shoebridge 0408 113 952/ Kashmir Miller 0402 045 647