Embassy HEADLINES Issue 514
Embassy HEADLINES Issue 514

Embassy HEADLINES Issue 514


Thailand removes cannabis from narcotics list, decriminalises growing plants at home

Thailand To Release All Cannabis Prisoners

ACT government agrees to decriminalise small amounts of illicit drugs, such as ice, heroin and cocaine


Cannabis campaigners’ blunt message trumps Palmer’s millions

Time to Legalise: Australia Demands Cannabis Law Reform

Cannabis for therapeutic use is still out of reach for many sick New Zealanders, despite changes in the law


DC lawmakers pass bill that would ban employers from firing workers for marijuana use

American Workers Testing Positive for Cannabis More Than Ever

U.S. Conference of Mayors Backs Federal Cannabis Reforms During Annual Meeting

Cannabis Bills Show Conflict in Industry, Growing Acceptance Among Arizona Lawmakers

Delaware House Upholds Governor’s Marijuana Legalization Veto

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana 280E Tax Relief Amendment In Committee

Mississippi Medical Cannabis Registrations Commence

Five Texas Cities to Vote on Decriminalization This Year

North Carolina medical marijuana bill goes to House with final Senate OK

Louisiana Senate Approves Bill Allowing Public Employees to Use Medical Pot

Canada to begin 3 year drug decriminalisation trial

Ontario Cannabis Store data breach raises credibility, security concerns



Award-winning researcher engineers cannabis strain with 20% more THC


Are You Smoking Irradiated Cannabis? And is ‘Nuclear Weed’ Safe?

Is cannabis a blood thinner?

War on drugs blamed for lack of evidence on cannabis and pain

Cannabis use disorder related to more severe and persistent alcohol use and PTSD symptoms in U.S. veterans

Study reveals inaccurate label claims on unregulated CBD products


White House Intern Applicants Will Be Asked About Marijuana, Biden Administration Clarifies

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