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By Published On: October 20, 2022Categories: Cannabis, News
Cotton Candy Kush

Cotton Candy, also known as “Cotton Candy Kush”,is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Lavender with Power Plant.
The result is big, bold cherry flavors with undertones of flowers.
Cotton Candy effects are euphoric and have relaxing powers that keep stress and pain to a minimum.
Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help manage chronic pain. 
Courtesy of Leafly.


Registration of Legalise Cannabis Victoria – Thursday 13 October 2022
Australian Cannabis Summit, 28 & 29 October 2022, ‘Breaking The Stigma’, A FREE online event

Fair Driving Laws for NSW Medicinal Cannabis Patients Fail

Why we need equal driving rights for legal medicinal cannabis patients | Drive Change
To learn more or to sign the petition, please visit https://change.org/drivechangemc

LEGALISE POT? It’s high time, says ex-stockbroker Michael. But do others agree?



What’s next for Australia’s recreational cannabis laws?

Calls grow to decriminalise cannabis in Victoria

Why can Queenslanders with medicinal cannabis prescriptions be charged for drug possession?

Authorised Prescriber dashboard to launch this month despite TGA website flagging further delay


Thailand: Opposition will ask EC to dissolve Bhumjaithai Party over its liberal cannabis policy

Home minister: Proposed industrialisation of cannabis, ketum in Malaysia needs control mechanism 

Where in the World is Cannabis Legal?

United States: Those affected by arrests react to pot pardons


Legal use of medicinal cannabis on the rise

Facebook: Herb: Cannabis may be the answer to bipolar disorder

Medical Cannabis For Kids: Pilot Study In Australia

New Study Shows Promising Results In Treatment Of Parkinson’s Disease With Cannabinoids


Potential of Industrial Hemp for Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals

Weed Breathalyzers Are Coming

High Doses of CBD Safe for Driving

Hemp Batteries Last 8X Longer than Lithium, Outperforming Graphene for 1000th of the Cost


6-Minute Listen: Thailand is rethinking its approach in its drug laws

Barriers to Accessing Medical Cannabis

Legalise Cannabis Queensland (Party) Constitution and Rules

Cannabis Legalisation Bill 2022 – South Australian Legislation

Craze Collective: LIVE | 2nd read debate of the Road Transport Amendment (Medicinal Cannabis) Bill


ASX Cannabis Stocks Guide 2022: Here’s everything you need to know

7 Steps to Investing in Marijuana Stocks

Foliumed Becomes Largest Exporter Of Medical Cannabis From Colombia To Australia

A Corporate View: Bod Australia
Bod Australia (ASX: BOD), a company founded in 2014 by health and wellness entrepreneur Jo Patterson to create healthcare and plant medicines, this year stepped up plans to test its core medicinal cannabis product MediCabilis as a treatment for long-COVID. MediCabilis is currently prescribed to patients for a variety of conditions including chronic pain, anxiety and sleep disorders, all of which are symptoms shared by those suffering the lingering effects of the COVID-19 virus.


Drinking Weed Without Overdoing it

What Is Dabbing? A Healthier Alternative

Olivia Newton-John’s husband John Easterling reveals her selfless final wish before her death

The History of Hemp


The Legalise Cannabis: Personal Health Plan

Join Legalise Cannabis!  Join the federal and/or state party at legalisecannabis.org.au

Ready to change the conversation about drugs? Registration for StoryLab 2022 is now open, and you’re invited

‘End Evidence-Free RDT’ Whole Bus Ad For NSWDonations For the Legal Fees of Mitchell Rice

Do you know a science denier?


University of New South Wales: Researchers Seek To Further Understand The Effects Of Cannabis

Why Scientists Want to Research Cannabinoids.

Things to consider when buying your first dry herb vape

Rolling Stone Magazine: How to Roll a Joint (Properly)



Petition: List Medicinal Cannabis on the PBSPetition: Tell Daniel Andrews: Decriminalise cannabis use now
#NoMoreZombieVeterans. Medicinal cannabis for Australian veterans with PTSD
PETITION – Tell Albo: Legalise cannabisnow!End discrimination against medicinal cannabis patients in Australian drug driving laws


Australian Cannabis Summit, Breaking The Stigma’,
28 & 29 October 2022, ‘A FREE online event

HHI EXPO, Australia’s Largest Cannabis & Hemp Expo,
19-20 November 2022, Canberra ACT

Garden States – Cultivating Ethnobotanical Plant Knowledge,
2-4 December 2022, Melbourne VIC