The Legalise Cannabis Party held its AGM last Saturday in Nimbin and has voted-in several new members to its executive. West Australian Legalise Cannabis MP, Dr Brian Walker, is the new vice president, Craig Ellis Secretary and Gail Hester and Anna Negri are the Registered Officers. Michael Balderstone remains as President and Suzette Luyken will continue as the treasurer.

The Party members also voted in favour of becoming an Incorporated Association and adopted a new Constitution.

Michael Balderstone says his days as President are numbered. “I’m actually really happy to see us spread way beyond Nimbin. Four states are represented there and the Legalise Cannabis seed has finally sprouted and appears to be growing vigorously from all accounts.”

“If we were a little excited by the Federal result in May, we’re over the moon with what just happened in Victoria. Currently it’s predicted we will win three seats in the Upper House and with the Greens form a block of power that Premier Dan might just have to listen to.”

“A final decision on numbers is still a week away but it’s looking good. Legalise Cannabis got the 4th most votes, after Labor, Liberals and the Greens. What you have to do to get taken seriously! Next election is NSW in March.”

The Party’s plan is to legalise cannabis allowing everyone to grow some plants in their back garden as well as having a regulated growing and selling market. 

Top of the agenda is to scrap the “presence only of THC in saliva” driving law, which is aimed at deterring cannabis use more than saving lives on the road.  The  “driving while impaired” law will remain, as it protects public safety.

“And eventually we expect a full apology from the politicians and police for the phenomenal damage their fruitless war on cannabis has caused, and is still causing. Their war on a plant that never killed anyone in thousands of years, has trashed millions of lives – especially those of young people,” said Michael Balderstone. “It’s time for a cease fire.”

The Legalise Cannabis Parties have given the public the opportunity to vote for change from the privacy of the ballot box, and the future is looking bright for Cannabis Law reform in Australia.


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