MEDIA RELEASE: Thursday January 12 2023 – NIMBIN MEDICAN PROGRAM and Poster for Saturday Feb 25

MEDIA RELEASE: Thursday January 12 2023 – NIMBIN MEDICAN PROGRAM and Poster for Saturday Feb 25

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Nimbin’s HEMP Embassy is pleased to announce another Medican to be held at the Bush Theatre beside Mulgum Creek at the north end of the village, on Saturday February 25, starting at 10.30 NSW time.

And it’s full of new speakers you likely havent seen before, apart from our favourite ex magistrate and now Dean of Law at Southern Cross Uni, David Heilpern. He will fill us in on the latest hopes to change the roadside saliva testing rules. 

Debbie Ranson is a Cannabis Nurse, linking advocacy with her role as a nursing professional. She’s spent years campaigning for us to have access to cannabis as a first line medicine and now works in a cannabis clinic in Brisbane and brings a wealth of experience to the Medican. 

“Medicinal Cannabis has well emerged as a treatment for patients and clinicians across various clinical areas. But how does it work and what do patients and clinicians need to know about it for their personal use and professional practise.” Deb works with legalities, access, conditions, and treatments.

As does Dr Ben Jansen, the founder of Burleigh Heads Cannabis, Cannabis Doctors Australia and Canview. Ben has a keen interest in Cannabis product development and research, with a focus on neuroprotective qualities of Cannabinoids. Ben and his wife founded the Vivienne Jansen Brains Trust with this in mind.

Des Harp is a member of the PCCA, Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia, and he is a market leader in supplying customised medicine. His business is My Life My Health and he specialises in medication modification to suit your personal requirments.

Then we have something different spilling over from the very successful recent Victorian election for Legalise Cannabis where 2 candidates were elected to the Upper House. One of them, Rachel Payne, we hope will be here at the Medican to tell us her vision for changing the laws with Premier Dan.

And another candidate who didn’t win, Marc Selan, will tell us about his last eight years running a Cannabis Club in Barcelona. His is quite a story.

After running his dental laboratory in Murrumbeena for ten years he had a sudden career change after becoming extremely unwell with ulcerative colitis. He suffered numerous adverse reactions to pharma medications before he discovered cannabis put his symptoms into remission.

This led to him growing his own plants but also to him getting busted, which in turn led him to leaving Australia for a place where his choice of medicine was accepted. Running a Cannabis Club in Spain as a virtual dispensary over the last decade has given him a unique insight into how a legal market for cannabis can work so effectively and easily.

Terrific food will be available at the venue and entry is by donation.

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