Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 552 March 24 2023

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Happy Wake and Bake readers,

The NSW State Election is here.
From this weekend, Saturday the 18th March 2023, Pre-Polling begins.If you or your family and friends aren’t sure how to vote or why they should, reach out to us at:legalisecannabis.org.au or on Legalise Cannabis NSW Facebook Group. Every Vote counts!
There’s a whole section for election material this week. I’ve done my best to include content free of ads etc but election time is all about money after all.
There are some great stories to read this week, a couple I personally enjoyed reading include:

Jeremy Buckingham talking to The Leader Blog about the election, the competition and a bit of history on his seat.Jeremy also did a live feed on Facebook you can see here: FB Live: Jeremy Buckingham
Rollingstone Interviews a “Cannabis Expert” currently doing his PHD in Sydney and explains his experiences and findings while conducting his research.
David Heilpern explains how to have a discussion with people who object to the change in Driving Laws being proposed.
Did you know most rolling papers contain harmful metals? I suspected and stopped using them unless they are the Organic Variety but even then? This article discusses the tests undertaken.
This policy review and discussion from Penington was a bit left field but made some excellent points along the way.
In Business, Chemist Warehouse have started to shore up their interests in Over the counter CBD,and HEMP being called out for extractions and how Delta 8 plays its part in its legality.

Heaps more good stuff below.

Thanks for Reading!

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HHI Expo and NSW election, March 25th, 2023.

Nimbin MardiGrass and Aquarius Festival only 7 weeks away!
Can you come? Can you help?
Legalise Cannabis NSW needs whatever help you can provide.
Can you help us at the booths?or online by educating others?or can you donate to the cause?
Even contributing online or on Facebook by promoting the party, our plant and its benefits.It all counts, we can see it more than ever before!
Reach out to us for the Election!legalisecannabis.org.au & Legalise Cannabis NSW Facebook Group

1 Minute FB Video: Dr.Brian Walker: How to Vote for Legalise Cannabis
The Leader: Former Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham heads Legalise Cannabis Party NSW Legislative Council ticket for March 25 election
DailyMailAU: Frustrated dad and politician vowing to make it happen after his son’s tragic suicide slams an uncompromising decision by Australia’s major parties
FB Live: Jeremy Buckingham
Yahoo News: Labor likely to fall short of a majority, which could result in hung parliament
LCA: David Heilpern: How To Argue With Those Who Support Drug Driving Testing
Narrabri News: Eight running in Barwon
SMH: Perrottet locals grumble as he dodges their electorate debate
Echo: The Legalise Cannabis Party gets the donkey vote for Clarence
NSWElectoralCommission: How to cast your vote in a state election

ABC: Industrial hemp processing facility to provide alternative building material for homes in SA first
Cannabiz: One Nation bill would see any GP able to prescribe medicinal cannabis and ‘create avenue’ for PBS listing
Penington: Policy Recommendations: Institute believes Australia is well-placed to learn from the US
ABCNews: Reason Party leader Fiona Patten on finding her place after two terms as a politician
SkyNews: Man, 39, arrested as Victoria Police seize more than 2,000 cannabis plants from rural property
Pulse Hobart: Hobartians ‘the largest’ users of Cannabis in Australia

Hobart has been found to have the highest cannabis consumption of any capital city in the country, according to the latest National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program report.The report, released by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), analyzed wastewater samples from over 50 locations across the country to estimate the level of drug consumption in each area.
The report found that Hobart had the highest rate of cannabis use among all capital cities in Australia However, but still had the lowest use of methylamphetamine (commonly known as ice) among all capital cities.Heroin use also fell by a significant 41%, and the number of people taking MDMA (ecstasy) dropped by 60%.The report also revealed that Hobart had the largest amount of alcohol consumed, with regional Tasmanians ranking as the second-biggest consumers of alcohol in the country.Sydney has the highest rate of cocaine use in the country, while Melbourne is the ecstasy capital. Adelaide has the highest use of methylamphetamine, and regional Queensland has the highest rate of ketamine use. Darwin has the highest use of nicotine in the country.

InternationalCBC: Germany’s Health Minister Indicates That The EU Will Allow Legalization To Proceed
ThaiPBSWorld: Narcotic or not? Thailand’s cannabis industry in the balance as parties battle it out ahead of polls
MJBizDaily: Synthetic cannabinoids further rift between marijuana and hemp industries
SundayWorld: Over 25 Americans arrested at UK airports this year for attempted drug smuggling
TheGrowthOp: Health Canada clamps down on Ontario company producing cannabis lozenges
ABCNews: When will Medicare cover medical marijuana?
MJBizDaily: Canadian producers report 2,200 kilograms of lost or stolen cannabis since 2018
HEMPSTREET.INMedical Cannabis Research: The Man Who Started It All – Raphael MechoulamProf. Raphael Mechoulam is called the father of medical cannabis research. Read to know how he influenced the cannabis research community.

The Hemp Hour on NimFM.orgFridays at 12pm – nimfm.org
2023 NSW State ElectionSaturday 25 March 2023
HHI Expo BrisbaneSaturday 25-26th March 2023
Moorabool Mushroom FestivalBallan, Victoria, April 15-16, 2023
420 In The Park – South Brisbane QLDThursday 20th April 2023
6th International Conference on Cannabis and Medicinal Research – TBC, SydneyApril 25-26th 2023
Nimbin MardiGrassMay 5-7th 2023
Aquarius 50 Festival12-21st May 2023
Australian Medical Cannabis Symposium – Brisbane Convention CentreAugust 11-13th, 2023

Cannadelics: The Unlikely Treatment for Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome
UNSW: Does cannabis cause mental illness?
NutritionalOutlook: Informed Choice now offers CBD and hemp product verification
Cannabis.net: How to Roll Your Own Moon Rocks at Home
NORML: Study: Cannabis Products Improve Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients with Chronic Illnesses
GANJAPRENEUR.COMStudy Finds 90% of Rolling Papers Contain Heavy MetalsAn analysis by California’s SC Laboratories Inc. of 101 rolling papers found at least one heavy metal in 90 percent of the papers tested with 8 percent containing at least one heavy metal in “concentrations above the allowable limits” in the state for inhalable cannabis products. Lead was the mos

BusinessNewsAu: Chemist Warehouse joins Wellnex Life JV to distribute medicinal cannabis products nationally
Fool.com.au: ASX 300 cannabis stock Incannex suspended ahead of ‘material update’
BusinessWire: Green Dragon Adds Six Additional Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Florida and Launches Flower from New Grow
FinancialTimes: Celadon becomes first UK medical cannabis group to win right to sell in Britain
Forbes: Delta-8 Is Legal And The United Nations Is Dead Wrong About Cannabis

Recently, there was a headline in a well-known cannabis industry publication which stated that the “DEA Classifies Novel Cannabinoids Delta-8 And -9 THCO As Controlled Substances, Even When Synthesized From Legal Hemp.” This was met with an enormous social media response insisting that the DEA rendered Delta-8 and Delta-9 from hemp as illegal, controlled substances. This is not accurate based on the plain language of federal law. Further, the fairly recent 9th Circuit decision in AK Futures LLC v. Boyd St. Distro, LLC states that Delta-8 products “fit comfortably” within the statutory definition of hemp, concluding that Delta-8 may be “properly understood as a derivative, extract, or cannabinoid originating from the cannabis plant and containing “not more than 0.3 percent’” Delta-9 THC. 35 F.4th 682, 686, 692 (9th Cir. 2022).

TheAim: The Sickening Hypocrisy of our Cannabis Laws
Hemp Today: Clouds darken over CBD as more states consider banning delta-8
ABC.NET.AU Lawyers call for decriminalisation of Australia’s cannabis capital. – ABC Hobart

RollingStone: Interview With a Cannabis Expert
TheGrowthOp: These four jobs in the cannabis industry pay more than $100K
CannaTechToday: RAW Rolling Papers Caught in a Web of Deceit
MargaretRiverHempCo.: A Look At Cannabis Medicine Through The Years

Unharm: Tell our politicians – Legalise MDMA
Cause: End discrimination against medicinal cannabis patients in Australian drug driving laws – Change.org

Legalise Cannabis Australia: Get Involved in your state!