Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 553 March 31 2023
Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 553 March 31 2023

Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 553 March 31 2023


Happy Friday,
Bit of a slow news week for Hemp and Cannabis. We await the election results which have been criticised for huge delays once again. The electoral commissioner has even been asked to step down. We are all eagerly awaiting the results as our success is so close we can smell it. More news to come once the Electoral Vote Count is more verified.
A few stories worth of a mention this week including a Story from 60 mins on The Ferals of Nimbin from 1995. I remember this story well, I visited Nimbin as a teenager around this time andvery well could have been considered a feral myself.
Legalise Cannabis NSW was in the spotlight this week with Centrelink allowing LC volunteers to earn on their mutual obligations. I cant see why not, its a good cause and they are indeed contributing their time and energy just like any other party.
Recently we’ve been seeing a lot in the news about Nitrous Oxide Gas and Bulbs,
This story expands more on why the markets exploded with the younger generation.

To stay up to date with election results and everything surround the NSW Election,
The Legalise Cannabis NSW Facebook Group has all the info you need and more.

Nimbin MardiGrass and Aquarius Festival are only 5 weeks away to the day!
Can you come? Can you help?

Thanks for Reading!

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WA parliamentary committee pushes for medicinal cannabis, drug driving reforms

Youtube: 7News
The slow 2023 state election vote count by the New South Wales Electoral Commission

Australian state is being called on to stop punishing drivers if they have marijuana in their system

Heartbroken dad who got back into politics to legalise marijuana after his son took his own life is poised for incredible win in NSW election

‘A huge result’: Legalise Cannabis likely to win upper house seat

The Guardian:
Legalise Cannabis and independents buoyed by NSW election result despite no teal wave

FaceBook Video:
The immense cost of legal medicinal cannabis – David Ettershank

ABC News:
Mutual obligations processes tightened after Legalise Cannabis NSW allowed to use Centrelink recipients as volunteers

Save A$100 on a three-day pass to the Australian Medicinal Cannabis Symposium

NSW State Election:Virtual Tally Room
Cannabis and Hemp Report – Tabled
I just tabled the committee report into #cannabis and #hemp! 🌿 There are 16 recommendations for the gov to consider. I’ll walk you through them all soon, s…
New York Times:
Court Lifts Ban on Legal Weed Shops in Brooklyn, Buffalo and Beyond

Cannabis Market Is Expected To Reach USD 66.35 Billion by 2030

Cannabis News Around The World: Colombia Set To Legalize, Will Other Countries Follow Suit?

The Daily Blog NZ:
Cook Islands makes progress on legal medicinal cannabis

National World:
Where is cannabis legal?Countries that have decriminalised marijuana for recreational or medical use

Denmark medical cannabis sales mostly on the rise, but pilot program sputters
Thailand’s Cannabis Policy Experiment

Cannabis decriminalization is seen as a way to attract tourists, especially young adults, but conservative groups are questioning whether cannabis users are the kinds of tourists Thailand should want.

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Moorabool Mushroom Festival
Ballan, Victoria, April 15-16, 2023

420 In The Park – South Brisbane QLD
Thursday 20th April 2023

6th International Conference on Cannabis and Medicinal Research
TBC, Sydney, April 25-26th 2023

Nimbin MardiGrass
May 5-7th 2023

Aquarius 50 Festival
12-21st May 2023

Australian Medical Cannabis Symposium
Brisbane Convention Centre, August 11-13th, 2023
Bill Ciprick of Optimi Health on supplying the Australian market with psilocybin and MDMA

On July 1, 2023, Australia’s drug regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), will permit authorized psychiatrists to begin prescribing the drugs for specific mental health conditions. The regulatory change caught many by surprise, as Australia’s first clinical psychedelic lab was established just a few years ago. “The world is going to be watching,” says Bill Ciprick, CEO of Optimi Health. “Australia is the first country to lean in and take this step.”

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Laughing gas was banned in Britain, after cannabis it used to be the most sold,the government took action after seeing the loss

Japan, (CBD) and Nicotine for Treating Smokeless Tobacco Addiction

Mirage News:
Can Cannabis Use Disorder Be Accurately Diagnosed?

The Motley Fool:
Little Green Pharma share price shoots 13% higher after capital raise

The secrets of Australia’s richest person Gina Rinehart and the things that frustrate her the most as she reveals why her mining company is so successful

Cannabis Companies Encourage Drinkers to Go ‘California Sober’

Investors Observer:
Top Marijuana Stocks To Watch Right Now In 2023
Opinion: Australia’s psychedelic progress begs the question: Is Canada falling behind?

From a global perspective, Canada has always been on the leading edge of healthcare policy. With the introduction of medical assistance in dying laws in 2016 and the legalisation of cannabis in 2018, we continue to make progress. But there’s one area in which our federal government’s delay has recently come into sharp focus: mental healthcare.

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The Guardian:
Former Ibac head could face integrity committee after making allegations against Victorian MPs

Levin Health Explains the Proposed Changes to Cannabis Laws That Are Gaining Support Within the Victorian Government

Cannadelics: Brownie Mary and Her Contributions to Medical Cannabis

Wearing the Wilfred scruffy dog suit was a burden for Jason Gann— but in time, he learned to love it

I want to see my grandkids grow old!’ Snoop Dogg reveals he moderated his weed intake after becoming a grandfather

420 Day: Why There Are So Many Different Names for Weed
The ferals (1995) – The tribe that turned wild after escaping captivity | 60 Minutes Australia
Charles Wooley travels to the rainforests of northern New South Wales to meet a tribe of young Australians who call themselves ‘The Ferals’, because like fer…

Unharm:Tell our politicians – Legalise MDMA

Unharm: Tell Albo: Legalise cannabis now!

Cause:End discrimination against medicinal cannabis patients in Australian drug driving laws – Change.org

Legalise Cannabis Australia: Get Involved in your state!

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