MEDIA RELEASE Sunday April 30. Nimbins MardiGrass Ready to Roll next weekend

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Nimbins annual cannabis law reform protest and gathering is ready to roll over next weekend, May 5, 6 and 7.

MardiGrass Organising Body president Michael Balderstone says, “There’s quite a lot of excitement over getting Legalise Cannabis MP Jeremy Buckingham elected in NSW and we plan on doing our own coronation with him next weekend.”

There’s a terrific program of speakers on all things cannabis now at 4 different venues if we include the Northern Rivers Hemp Growers Co-op. A new business in the village that is holding a series of talks including a ‘hemp root puppet making workshop’ with the legendary Hempstone creator Martin Ernegg. 

A high light of MardiGrass will be the handful of new Legalise Cannabis senators attending, and with their Green counterparts. The Co-op is putting on a special

senators learning circle. “A chance for both the cannabis party and green senators to hear from our farmers and producers and to discuss strategy and tactics as our revolution progresses. We support both Green and Legalise Cannabis senators, they are our champions. How shall we proceed most productively,” the Co-op is asking.

Another special guest is Dr Karen Hitchcock, one of Australia’s first authorised prescribers of medical cannabis. She is also a therapist in St Vincent hospitals trial of psilocybin assisted therapy for depression and anxiety associated with terminal illness. Can we call it fear of dying? There are many doctors speaking at MardiGrass as well as politicians and medicine makers and healers. 

And if that’s all too serious another high light will be Wilfred the Stoner Dog the famous canine comedian from his own TV series now a ganjapreneur. In fact there is a smorgasbord of comedians including the Hemp Olympix duo Sorrensen and Glover and the Laugh Mob coming from Sydney for their annual show every evening in Indica Arena

Sativa Stadium home of the Hemp Olympix is in pristine condition for the Growers Iron Person Event and the Bong Throw and Yell. The Joint Rolling competitions will be held in the Town Hall.

The popular MMMA is on again as well, the MardiGrass Marijuana Music Awards, no song can be longer than 4 minutes 20.

“It’s hard to believe we are still labelled as criminals as much as ever. Thirty years of loudly crying out about the mistake of banning the most useful plant in the entire creation, and despite the experts now agreeing with us, there’s still no let up on hunting down cannabis users.

“Giant pharmaceutical companies are the only people allowed to grow natures best painkilling plants and we can only access them legally via a doctors approval. 

Cannabis and the opium poppy were in the majority of medicines only a century ago. Now we fill our jails with victims of the drug war. A war to maintain Big Pharmas control over what medicine we are allowed to use and what not. 

“And isn’t everyone only using drugs to try and enjoy their day more? To try and have less pain, physical or mental. The try and feel good, or God if you prefer, both come from the word Gad, like gather and together. How come this became a crime?

“Basically we’ve lost the plot it seems on this issue of enjoying your life and the heaven we are standing in,” says Mr Balderstone. “MardiGrass is all about trying to restore sanity to this pursuit of happiness, surely the ultimate purpose in life?”

“Please come and find out for yourself why ending the drug war is so important to saving the planet and ourselves. We need a new mindset, a different attitude, and all the traditional mind altering drugs used for thousands of years are illegal. Hello!”

And there is art everywhere, no surprise as we know cannabis fuels creativity. The hemp fashion show, great green cabaret, pot art and pot poetry, music including Fantuzzi who flew in from Hawaii last night. All to try and make our annual protest as much fun as possible. The full program is on

It’s a big May in Nimbin this year with the 50 year celebration of the 1973 Aquarius festival following almost immediately after MardiGrass from May 12 to 21…see the huge program on

Michael Balderstone
President Nimbin HEMP Embassy & Legalise Cannabis Australia