Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 587 Dec 1 2023
Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 587 Dec 1 2023

Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 587 Dec 1 2023

Good Afternoon from the Bush,
Another beautiful sunny day in Nimbin, perfect for gardening  🙂
This week in the news, one of the top stories, Jeremy Buckingham MP pulling out a gorgeous looking flower in the middle of Parliament introducing a bill to legalise the drug.
The upper house member said he obtained the drugs with his medicinal cannabis prescription but told the house he would be jailed if he handed it to someone else.“What’s to be afraid of? Here it is Mr President, a bit of cannabis, medicinal cannabis,” Mr Buckingham said, pulling the cannabis from his suit jacket pocket.“I note, Mr. President, that if I gave this cannabis here to you, that you would suffer a penalty of $10,000 and 10 years’ jail. And so would I.”
Good on ya Jeremy all 100% true. I can imagine it must have been somewhat seeing some of those horrified MPs’ faces all over a plant.Also in the news is many MPs admitting personal use, that’s great to see, maybe they are seeing the benefits in the people around them. Its great to see so much coming from Jeremy, keep up the good work!
Six Plants and being permitted to gift to friends, sounds like a great plan, any farmer will know that 6 would only just cut it on personal use, theres alot of variables to consider, same as any other farm.
I’ve provided lots of content this week, business is booming and the corps are driving it all much to the dismay of many perhaps but its the way it is unfolding and evolving, even Paul Murray reckons it will be legal in a few years, good stuff.
Have a wonderful weekend whatever you may do and as always,
Thanks for Reading,#freetheweed #plurAUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALANDABC:Legalise Cannabis Party member waves cannabis in NSW parliament during bill introduction
The Guardian:NSW drug law overhaul would allow six marijuana plants for personal use
The Guardian:Victorian treasurer expresses support for decriminalising cannabis as senior leaders admit use
DailyMail UK:Carr calls for courage ahead of next drug summit
The Mercury:Paul Murray predicts cannabis will be legal ‘in the next few years’
City News:Over-the-counter cannabis on the horizon
Hemp Gazette:Stenocare Expanding Medical Cannabis Product Line In Australia
Westender:Releaf set to open patient-centric medicinal cannabis clinic in west end.Facebook: Rachel Payne MP:
It’s been an amazing 24 hours.
You may have noticed that the public conversation on the issue of cannabis consumption has really shifted in Victoria.
It’s not every day a cannabis leaf is on the front page of the Herald Sun!The Age:Victorian government open to discussing decriminalising cannabis use
Adults could legally possess small quantities for personal use and grow up to six plants under the Legalise Cannabis proposal, the first of three bills the party has planned for a staged approach towards full regulation of the market.
Cannabis could be given as a gift but not sold under the initial plan, and a carer would be permitted to grow crops on behalf of others. Driving while impaired, supplying to children and smoking the drug in public would remain crimes.
Full Story..From our friends at Legalise Cannabis AustraliaSignup to the Newsletter here
Key Stories from LCA Newsletter November 2023:RDT drive hits Victorian potholes, but we’re pushing onKids being denied medicine based on ‘questionable science’IT’S TIME! Stage 1 bill reaches another simultaneous milestoneEmail from Michael Balderstone to Road SafetySubject: For the Drug Driving Review Team Hello Team.I’ve been using Cannabis as medicine for PTSD and Migraines for over fifty years and have a clean driving record. It makes sense I am a more dangerous driver without my daily medication, and my doctor agrees!
It should set off alarm bells that Australia is the only country on Earth taking away drivers licences for merely having the presence of THC in their saliva, which has little if any relevance to impaired driving.
And we also have plenty of statistics now from countries who have legalised Cannabis showing car accident deaths actually fell after the laws changed, possibly because of less alcohol use. I just want to emphasise one point. We all have an Endocannabinoid system in our bodies, discovered quite recently. Cannabis, unlike all the other drugs, is fat soluble and our bodies hang onto it for a month or two while throwing all the others out which are water soluble in a day or two. The joint I smoked this morning will have traces in my blood in two months time!This has caused a lot of confusion for statistics and studies. Blood tests for car accidents and hospital submissions always show a high percentage of cannabis in blood which has led people in the past to think it was the cause of the problem.
I once contacted the Victorian Govt because they were attributing ten percent of their hospital beds to being taken up by Cannabis affected patients!
It does show how many people are using Cannabis but not necessarily recently of course, in fact possibly weeks before, or even months.
Thankyou for your ongoing efforts to understand this critically important issue. Michael BalderstonePresident Nimbin HEMP Embassy & Legalise Cannabis AustraliaReply from Road SafetyThank you for your correspondence about cannabis and driving. The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is leading a wide-ranging review into drug driving in Queensland. A key element of the review is to gain a better understanding of the impact drug driving laws have on people who take cannabis (including medicinal cannabis) and the broader community. Responses from the consultation process will be analysed by the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC)/University of the Sunshine Coast Road Safety Research Collaboration. This feedback will be considered and recommendations will be made to the Government in 2024.WORLD NEWSNORML:Survey: More Than Ten Percent of Older Americans Have Consumed Cannabis Products in the Past Year
NORML:Maine: Testing Analysis Identifies Contaminants in Many Medical Cannabis Products
Hemp Gazette:FIHO Calls For Moratorium On GM And GE Hemp
MJBizDaily:Cannabinoid-based medicine Epidiolex approved for sale in Canada
The Irish Sun:Pre-modern human skeleton found with ‘traces of cannabis’ in world first discovery – and may have been ‘self-medicating’
NBC Connecticut:Cannabis ‘legalization is inevitable,’ says policy analyst—what to know before you invest
QC News:Proposed bill would create regulations and taxes on Delta 8 THC hemp products
The Irish Times:‘The use of marijuana and cocaine is worrying’: workplace anxiety blamed as number of workers using substances doubles
High Times:Minnesota Launches Pilot Program for Roadside Saliva Drug TestsEVENTS“ECOCIDE” Book Launch by John WilsonMarvell Hall, 37 Marvell St., Byron BayFriday 1st December, 6:00pm
Global Perspectives on Australia’s Cannabis Future series:Production and supply regulations in legal cannabis markets. Online -ZoomThursday 7th December, 2023 7:00pm
Legalisation through a Social Development LensDrug Reform WebinarWednesday 13th December, 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Industrial Hemp Variety Trial Field Days 2024Hamilton, VICTuesday, 30 January 2024, 10am – 2pm
Australian Industrial Hemp ConferenceHunter Valley, NSW16 – 18 April 2024
Nimbin MardiGrass 2024Where else but Nimbin!3rd, 4th and 5th May
The Hemp Hour on NimFM.orgFridays at 12pmnimfm.orgDo you know of an event that we’ve missed? Let us know here: media@hempembassy.netHEALTH, RESEARCH & EDUCATIONNORML:Survey: Most Cancer Patients Say Cannabis “Improves Their Ability To Cope With Their Illness”
News Medical:Combined marijuana and cigarette smoking may increase lung damage
Eureka Alert:Cannabis use in pregnancy may raise infant health risksFrom our friends at www.entheogenesis.orgYOUTUBE.COMLynette Wallworth – Transcendent technologies: shamanism in the digital agePlease subscribe, like and comment on our videos to show support for EGA, the free way to say thanks for our special charity 😊🍄🌵– www.entheogenesis.org- T…ENTHEOGENESIS.ORGPeople Power – Citizen Science and Community — Entheogenesis AustralisScience is often viewed as something done by individuals in white coats, far away in private research facilities, or academic ivory towers. Some gatekeeping can try to keep lay people outside of science! But the power of knowledge means this gatekeeping cannot prevail. Anybody can do research – and Dr Michael White:A Descriptive Analysis of Adverse Event Reports from the Quebec Cannabis RegistryQld Govt consulting on THC-positive driving offences for users of Medical Cannabis
QLD Government: Cannabis and driving in Queensland
https://www.getinvolved.qld.gov.au/gi/consultation/11053/view.htmlMedical cannabis for refractory cancer-related pain in a specialised clinical service: a cross-sectional studyPOLITICS, LAW & INDUSTRYHerald Sun:Melodiol enjoys milestone 2023 as subsidiaries bank profits
Nasdaq:3 Top-Rated Cannabis Stocks That Analysts Are Loving Now
PR News Wire:Martha Stewart CBD Debuts New Need-Based Gummies Targeting Sleep, Stress, and DiscomfortHISTORY & CULTURESurfer.com:Pro Surfer Justin Quintal Talks About the Benefits of Cannabis in New Interview
New Scientist:The ancient origins of cannabis and our changing attitudes towards itCAMPAIGNS AND PETITIONSLEGALISECANNABIS.ORG.AUParliamentary petitions requesting Random Drug Testing (RDT) laws provide exemptions for THC prescribed by a doctor. – Legalise Cannabis PartyMicrodosing with Amanita Muscaria by: Baba Masha M.D.A$40.00ViewDIY Autoflowering Cannabis: by Jeff LowenfelsA$50.00ViewThe HEMP Embassy Headlines are a selection of recent articles from news and media services primarily concerning Cannabis issues, the  consequences of prohibition and the challenges for law reform. If you have any suggestions or contributions you’d like to see here, please email us at media@hempembassy.net

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