Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 592 Jan 5 2024
Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 592 Jan 5 2024

Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 592 Jan 5 2024

Hulloo and Welcome to 2024!

Are all those resolutions in place?
I’m sure people from all around the world have made resolutions to love our little plant just that little more 🙂

Headlines may look a little different this week, I’m experimenting, not sure how that will pan out so I hope you enjoy all the same.

Some Highlights in the News this week:

“Clever Leaves Scores Australian Cannabis GMP Certification”.
That’s a pretty big story. The new GMP certification is a prerequisite for the manufacturing and commercialization of cannabis products.

I imagine there must have been some real hurdles to get that certification, I do indeed hope it’s not all smoke and mirrors and really is for the benefit of our local economy…

Clever Leaves’ facility boasts 108,000 kg per year of dry flower extraction capacity. The company points out western operators produce cannabis for around 2 dollars a gram.

“Our capital and operating efficiencies allow us to produce cannabis product for 20 cents a gram – 90 per cent cheaper”.

$2 a gram, OOF, that’s some serious talk.
If they can truly achieve this, all power to them, we will watch with intent.

This is one of my favourite topics when talking about Cannabis.

“Calls for new approach to medicinal cannabis in workplaces”.

As someone who struggled with this myself it’s nice to see it being put front and centre.

Last mention.

“US Veterans Back Medical Cannabis Access”.

I think we could all see the importance of this in this current era regardless of where it’s happening.

As the son of a veteran and someone that uses CBD for his own health I can assure you this is probably one of the most important steps for Soldiers returning from conflict.

Good Blessings for the New Year to You and Yours,

Thanks for Reading,
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Growing Tasmania’s hemp industry

Mine land remediation drives demand for Hemp Farms Australia

Company news: Breathe Life Sciences; Cann Group; InhaleRx; X-Hemp; Green Farmers/Elevated Signals

Calls for new approach to medicinal cannabis in workplaces – ABC listen

Clever Leaves Scores Australian Cannabis GMP Certification
Clever Leaves has announced it has been granted Australian GMP certification for its cannabis facilities in Colombia by Australia’s TGA.

Cannabis Business Times:
Hemp Industry Organizations Unite on 7 Key Objectives for 2024 Farm Bill
Thirty-three nonprofit organizations representing every facet of the supply chain have revealed their top priorities for the must-pass legislation.

Tennessee Rules Could Ban Hemp-Derived THC-A Products And Some CBD Flower – Marijuana Moment

Biden poised to loosen restrictions on marijuana, but some say it’s not enough

The first 10 years of legal marijuana in Colorado were a wild ride. What will happen in the next decade?

New 2024 laws protect California workers who use cannabis off-the-job

S.C. senator wants to drop weed odor as cause for suspicion

Commonwealth’s Cannabis Control Authority assumes responsibility over medical marijuana industry

Legal hemp stores monitor marijuana legislation

US Veterans Back Medical Cannabis Access
A recent study delved into differences in attitudes towards marijuana as treatment options among veterans.


Garden States Webcast – Cubensis Rising: History, diversity, ID info, safety & research update.
Garden States Microdose Webcast: Episode 24 Cubensis Rising
History, diversity, ID info, safety & research updates
Wednesday, 24 January 2024, 8:00pm

Industrial Hemp Variety Trial Field Days 2024
Hamilton, VIC
Tuesday, 30 January 2024, 10am – 2pm

ACannabis 2024
Crown Promenade
Tuesday 12th March and Wednesday 13th March 2024

Australian Industrial Hemp Conference
Hunter Valley, NSW
16 – 18 April 2024

Nimbin MardiGrass 2024
Where else but Nimbin!
3rd, 4th and 5th May

The Hemp Hour on NimFM.org
Fridays at 12pmnimfm.org
Do you know of an event that we’ve missed? Let us know here: media@hempembassy.net


Cannabis Use Not Associated With Elevated Risk of Atrial Fibrillation

Research: Cannabis Boosts Workout Enjoyment, Not Performance


Study: Hemp Seed Cake Use In Calves – Hemp Gazette
A recent study evaluated the effect on behavior patterns of veal calves fed increasing levels of hempseed cake diluted in their milk replacer

Stainless steel cutting mill for cannabis and hemp size reduction
Leading laboratory equipment provider, Retsch, announces the availability of its Heavy-Duty Cutting Mill SM 300 in a corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel version. Specifically designed for appl…

Hemp’s farm bill goals: Raised THC threshold, clearance as dietary supplement
Congress should encourage development of the hemp market by including provisions in the new farm bill that would allow the sale of hemp as a food additive and dietary supplement and raise the THC allowance for hemp plants, said the hemp industry on Wednesday.


Legalization Not Associated With Spikes in Incidences of Marijuana-Related Psychosis
The finding is consistent with the conclusions of a 2022 study


Parliamentary petitions requesting Random Drug Testing (RDT) laws provide exemptions for THC prescribed by a doctor. – Legalise Cannabis Party

MardiGrass 2023 Calendar

Wild Mushrooming: A Guide for Foragers by by Alison Pouliot & Tom May

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