Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 593 Jan 13 2024
Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 593 Jan 13 2024

Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 593 Jan 13 2024

Good Evening from Sunny ole Nimbin!
The weather has been kind here, giving us some pretty warm days broken up with some cool nights.
This week in the news, Canada has been featured fairly heavily around the place. Reportedly destroying over 3.7 million pounds of unpackaged cannabis since 2018, due to old stock and other varying factors is pretty epic.
I would think, in any business destroying this much produce would be harmful.
There’s many stories that are quite repetitive this week but all share the same theme that they are back pedalling?
Would it not be as simple as making the weed totally legal?
Most drugs are just decriminalised and that’s making it super easy to distribute things that aren’t good too as well.
Thailand! Holy cow I didn’t think it would happen but here we are.
The new gubberment is pretty much taking their legalisation status back to medicinal only.Not too bad… considering most of those countries will outright flog or kill you for “ANY” amount of drugs.All the same, it’s kinda Pandora’s box.
People will know the benefits both medicinal and recreational now.
It’s gonna be very difficult for them to outright clamp down without some comeback.
After all , last check, nearly 3000 stores opened in that time in Thailand 😀

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