Legalise Cannabis Party

Legalise Cannabis Party

By Published On: April 13, 2024Categories: About Us, Legal

Legalise Cannabis Parties have formed or are in the process of forming in every state and territory of Australia. The first state party, Legalise Cannabis Queensland, was formed ahead of their 2020 election where twenty-three candidates garnered up to 5.5% of the primary vote. Western Australia was next, registered just in time to contest the March 2021 election, attaining two Upper House seats. Following was Victoria, in November 2022. They also won two Upper House seats. The latest win was in New South Wales, in 2023, securing yet another state Upper House seat. 

With the Northern Territory and Queensland elections in 2024 and Legalise Cannabis South Australia facing elections in March 2026, we are working toward Australia-wide representation and would appreciate you joining our grassroots campaign, as every state/territory will have a Legalise Cannabis Party. As prohibition is enforced at state/territory level, alongside laws governing policing and driving, we need to be organised at that level to campaign for reform and common-sense cannabis policy. 

Legalise Cannabis is continuing to grow and we sincerely hope you will join to help keep cannabis law reform happening.

Party Policy

Legalisation and Regulation of Cannabis.

Cannabis must be treated in the same way as alcohol and tobacco. A legal and regulated cannabis market requires:

  • An immediate moratorium on all arrests of cannabis consumers.
  • Reforms allowing consumers and/or carers to grow cannabis in their gardens or indoors.
  • All historical personal-use cannabis criminal records to be expunged.
  • Reform of drug driving laws where impairment, not presence, is tested.
  • Road safety laws to be amended to allow for a defence for medicinal users.
  • A state-based licensing system covering all commercial operations including production, manufacturing, and retail / dispensing.
  • An amnesty period for current grey-market growers to transition to become licensed producers with ongoing support provided to boutique growers, small producers, and compassion clubs. Subsidies to incentivise start-ups and not-for-profits.
  • State-regulated affordable testing facilities available for producers, growers, and consumers. Such services to be reasonably priced, easy to access with all restrictions currently hampering testing to be lifted.
  • A unified independent cannabis authority overseeing personal-use cannabis and hemp production to include end-users and those experienced in cultivation and production in decision-making processes.