Welcome to Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 609!

Welcome to Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 609!

By Published On: May 3, 2024Categories: Hemp Headlines

Today is the day!

Nimbin MardiGrass 2024 HAS ARRIVED!

This edition has lots of content to fill your info needs.

A downloadable and printable PROGRAM is available here.

If your a Social Media User, there’s been plenty of activity.

The main group can be found HERE.

2 Community Chats have also been created to encourage community interaction.

1 chat is for GENERAL COMMUNIUTY CHAT and the other is for HELP & SUPPORT.

So if you find yourself a bit stuck, plz drop us a message 🙂

We are receiving a lot of questions about Accommodation and Transport,

the website is filled with everything you can think of,

please encourage people to access it.


Don’t forget the police will be out enforcing the gubberments silly drug and driving laws, be mindful and you’re sure to have a great time.

Thanks for Reading,


#freetheweed #plur