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Welcome to Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 611!

Good Evening,

Post MardiGrass we continue to wind down and re-cap.

Plenty more to come…

Just a personal favourite clip from YouTube.

Underneath on Marijuana Minors that’s quite a few years old but very much influenced me and likely many others in my position.

One of the little girls is fully recovered from her trauma and is one of the greatest cannabis advocates around and I do love her dearly. Its worth a watch.

Fentanyl is a nasty word that we are hearing more and more.

There’s also a a documentary attached herein that should more than explain the current dynamics in this pretty messy world.

There’s been claims made that Doctors are being payed to prescribe suppliers products…

That is such old news, any doctor will tell you how the sales reps operate. I do question why its suddenly being bought up?

Oh yeah and lookie now, all those big powerhouse brands in the states are already moving to make their own edibles.

Personally Id say many of them have been doing their homework for years. Skittles made weed stuff briefly a few years back but I believe they were rebranded and sold off, but don’t quote me on it.

I believe once these types of companies start throwing their weight in , you’ll see the market explode if not more so than it already is now, ESPECIALLY IN QUEENSLAND.

Looking at you, Mr. Professional Pot Smoker, a pleasure to enjoy a cuppa and a chat with you.

#freetheweed brother

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